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This National Pizza Chain's Sales are Exploding Right Now

Odds are, you've ordered from here recently—just like everyone else!

The U.S. is, among other things, a nation of pizza lovers—as evidenced by the way we ate during the coronavirus shutdown. Case in point: Domino's pizza enjoyed a massive surge in sales during the second quarter of 2020, reporting a huge 16 percent increase in sales in just three months' time—the most the pizza chain has made during this period in the past nine years, according to CNBC and NRN.

The fact that Domino's experienced a surge in pizza delivery and takeout orders during the pandemic makes complete sense, especially considering so many restaurants across the country were closed throughout the spring and early summer. Also, when it comes to pizza delivery in general, Domino's certainly tops the list as one of the most popular and widespread options throughout the country. (Papa John's, we should note, has also been doing incredibly well during the pandemic.)

As Domino's CEO Ritch Allison explained in an earnings call with investors on Thursday, "Nearly 75% of our sales in the U.S. are coming through digital channels."

That's because the national pizza chain dramatically benefitted from its investment in its digital ordering and delivery platform, which suddenly became invaluable during the pandemic. Customers didn't have to go through a third-party delivery service like Postmates, DoorDash, or GrubHub to order Domino's, but rather, could order directly from their nearest franchise for some hot pizza and breadsticks. (Those third-party delivery apps, by the way? There's a reason why so many restaurants are angry with them.)

As we all know, the earliest days of the coronavirus outbreak were particularly challenging for a vast number of national restaurant chains. Past reports of paltry profits from nearly every other national fast-food franchise in the beginning of 2020 spelled doom for a number of beloved restaurant chains. But, as all of us have adapted to the new world, it's been the restaurants that specialize in delivery and takeout that have continued to survive… and even thrive. And one of them is certainly Domino's.

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