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7 Most Popular Fast-Food Orders of the Royal Family

Find out what Harry and Meghan's go-to orders are at In-N-Out.

The life of a member of Great Britain's royal family is often filled with pomp, circumstance, and, of course, lavish food. Something as banal for most of us such as, say, eating dinner, can be a grand undertaking for a royal, complete with a lavish tableau of flatware and a multi-course meal served by liveried attendants. But not every meal the Royals eat is a fancy banquet and even the most famous members sometimes indulge in simple a simple fast-food meal.

Harry and Meghan have famously developed a taste for a certain West Coast-only fast-food burger spot, while Prince William has an affinity for a particular chicken restaurant. In fact, many members of Britain's royal family seem to have a highly relatable affinity for the stuff, as you'll see here. Here are the go-to to-go orders they've revealed over the years.

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Prince Harry—In-N-Out Burgers

prince harry meghan markle in n out
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Prince Harry may hail from England, but he and his wife, Meghan Markle, and their kids now call Southern California their home, and as any good Californian knows (native or transplant), In-N-Out makes some amazing burgers. People recently reported that his go-to order is two Double-Doubles, Animal-Style, with fries, while Meghan gets a cheeseburger and fries with sides of jalapeños.

The Duchess of Sussex is an American, so perhaps it's little surprise that she is a lover of the quintessential American fast-food side order: fries. She once said in an interview with Best Health: "I could eat French fries all day." That said, she generally follows a healthy and largely vegan diet.

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Prince William—Nando's Peri-Peri Chicken

Prince William
Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Nando's is a South African fast-food chain with but a small foothold in North America, but it's big back on the other side of the Atlantic, both in Africa and Europe, with some 450-plus locations in the UK alone. And, per Cheat Sheet, the spicy chicken from Nando's is the favorite fast food of the heir to the British crown, Prince William. Harry has also been spotted at the restaurant.

Princess Diana—McDonald's Happy Meals

happy meal
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William and Harry were boys, mother Princess Diana regularly took them to McDonald's as a Saturday treat.  The late Princess Diana had a huge fondness for McDonald's Happy Meals, but not for the food and not for herself: Diana used to love bringing her young sons William and Harry to McDonald's because her boys loved the toys that came with the chain's Happy Meals, per Express.

Princess Kate—Curry

Princess Kate

Kate Middleton, the presumptive next Queen of England, loves a good spicy curry from a takeaway shop, per My London, "takeaway" being a synonym for fast food. While Princess Kate does not seem to have one specific restaurant from which she prizes the curry in particular, that's definitely her go-to fast food.

King Charles—Margherita Pizza

Margherita Pizza

The newly crowned King of England is known for his strictly organic and healthy diet, but he does apparently appreciate the occasional pizza, per Express. He called Margherita pizza his favorite variety, and the pizza from Hunters Stables, a Scottish restaurant that offers sit-down dining and takeaway, was apparently his go-to.

Queen Consort Camila—Fish and Chips

Queen Consort Camilla fish and chips
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

In true British fashion, Queen Consort Camila Parker Bowles loves fish and chips, per Express. And not a fancier, upgraded take on the working class staple: she loves a good old fish and chips dish served wrapped in paper and grease and all.

Queen Elizabeth II—Kebabs and Fish and Chips

Queen Elizabeth II
Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

The late Queen Elizabeth II had a famously reserved diet. She enjoyed the occasional treat of dark chocolate and a cocktail at times, but overall, she ate a surprisingly humble selection of foods, including cereal and yogurt for breakfast. She did enjoy hamburgers now and then, though prepared by royal chefs, not fast-food chains, per Independent. But when the queen did deign to enjoy the rare fast-food dish, she would apparently send out for kebabs or for fish and chips, per Hello Magazine.

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