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8 Restaurant Chains That Serve the Best Steak Tartare

Few dishes are as primal and pleasing as the classic raw-beef starter.
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There's just something so fancy—and maybe somewhat intimidating—about steak tartare. The French dish, which typically appears on the menus of high-end steakhouses and traditional bistros français, is made with raw minced beef and often features tasty ingredients like onions, capers, mushrooms, Worcestershire sauce, and other accouterments. Some versions of the dish even include raw egg yolk or bread crumbs.

This refreshing appetizer, often served with crusty bread, crackers, or sometimes potatoes, dates back hundreds of years. And, although steak tartare originated in France, plenty of places around the world serve their own variations of this dish. For instance, in Poland, the recipe often includes dill pickles and pickled mushrooms, whereas in Hungary, it includes ketchup and crushed garlic. No matter how it's whipped up, a well-made steak tartare always impresses.

From classic steakhouse tartare served with crunchy crostini to inventive options offered at fancy Italian restaurants, here are seven restaurant chains that serve the best steak tartare.

The Capital Grille

capital grille steak tartare
The Capital Grille / Facebook

If you want steak tartare with some "oomph," try the Capital Grille's tasty steak tartare dinner appetizer priced under $20. It's served with chives, chopped sweet onion, capers, and hard-boiled egg, and it's plated with brioche toast. Order this dish with a blue cheese wedge salad, gorgonzola-crusted dry-aged New York strip steak, and sides of mashed potatoes and creamed spinach for the perfect meal.

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Ocean Prime

ocean prime steak tartare
Ocean Prime / Facebook

Lauded for its high-quality steaks and seafood, the upscale chain Ocean Prime is the perfect place to order steak tartare—for starters, it's delicious. Offered as an appetizers, this option is crafted with prime steak, capers, and shallots, and it's served with crostini. "The steak tartare was to die for," mentioned one Yelp reviewer, while another wrote, "The steak tartare was the best I've ever had."

If you don't eat red meat, Ocean Prime also offers an Ahi tuna tartare, made with avocado, ginger ponzu, and sesame seeds.


Steak tartare at Boucherie

With a handful of locations in New York City, the high-end French restaurant Boucherie excels at making steak tartare. This spot's rendition is made with beef tenderloin, capers, cornichons, shallots, and quail eggs, and is plated with pommes gaufrettes—that's French for waffle fries.

Opened in 2016, Boucherie is the place to go if you want delicious dry-aged steaks, delectable French classics, and an extensive drink menu, all served in a gorgeous dining room showcasing details like tiled walls, soaring ceilings, and carved wood.

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Rare Society

Steak tartare at Rare Society
Charlene G. / Yelp

Inspired by the retro-style steakhouses that once dotted the Las Vegas Strip, Rare Society is famous for its top-notch cuts of meat, sustainably sourced seafood, and gorgeous spaces with gold-paneled ceilings and tufted leather booths. One appetizer you must try is the steak tartare, made with high-quality beef, cornichons, egg, parsley, and truffle mayonnaise and arranged thoughtfully with salt and vinegar chips. There's really nothing like it.

"Beef Tartare: Delicious!" raved one Yelp reviewer. "And one of the best parts was the vinegar chips. It was the perfect compliment to the tender beef."

Eddie V's Seafood

tartare meat with egg yolk

Eddie V's Seafood may have "seafood" in its name, but it's the steak tartare you can't pass up. Served table-side, this rich appetizer is a meat lover's dream come true, made with hand-chopped filet, fresh egg yolk, capers, and extra virgin olive oil. "The Steak Tartare was one of the greatest ever," shared one Yelp reviewer, while another commented that it was "exquisite."

Founded in 2000, Eddie V's Seafood has over 30 locations throughout the country, including states like Texas, Florida, California, and Massachusetts.

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Il Mulino

il mulino steak tartare

Leave it to the top-rated Italian chain Il Mulino to make a steak tartare that may just become your new favorite. With 10 locations in cities like New York, Nashville, Boca Raton, and Miami, this high-end spot makes a delicious steak tartare with quail egg, tangy horseradish, and a decadent parmesan crust. Il Mulino opened its first restaurant in the 1980s and has remained a go-to for celebs such as Leonardo DiCaprio and George Clooney through the years.

Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse

Steak tartare at Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse
Del Frisco Double Eagle Steakhouse/Facebook

Highly regarded for its chef-driven dishes, award-winning wine list, and sleek atmosphere, Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse is another great spot to hit up when you want a well-made steak tartare. Del Frisco's steak tartare is available as part of its chilled appetizer offerings and is prepared with chopped filet mignon and freshly shaved Urbani black truffles, and it comes served with a generous side of house-made chips.

"Steak tartare was my amazing starter," shared one Yelp reviewer. " I'm usually iffy about ordering raw meat from places, but I do enjoy them from great restaurants, and this is one of the greats according to my friend, and alas, he was correct."

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Urban Farmer

urban farmer steak tartare
Urban Farmer / Facebook

With a handful of locations in Denver, Philadelphia, and Portland, Urban Farmer is described as a "steakhouse with soul." This restaurant boasts a menu filled with eye-catching options like dry-aged T-bone steak, baked macaroni and cheese, twice-baked potato tart, and—you guessed it—steak tartare.

Urban Farmer's version of the French dish is made with a twist—it has fennel and jicama and is served with artisanal crackers. Order it with a charcuterie and cheese board, a local greens salad, and a 16-ounce ribeye for a satisfying meal.

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