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Sam's Club Is Canceling a Popular Perk

Shoppers aren't happy over the upcoming change to this popular membership benefit.

One of the main reasons to get a membership at a warehouse club like Sam's Club is all of the special bonuses that come with it, such as bargains on bulk groceries, free samples, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. But starting next month, Sam's Club's most elite shoppers will no longer be able to enjoy one of the member perks they've come to adore. 

Come Aug. 19, the warehouse club will end free shipping on all orders for Sam's Club Plus members. According to the company's website, free shipping will soon be available only for qualifying app or website orders of $50 or more, and those who don't meet the minimum will have to pay an $8 flat rate fee.

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Sam's Club offers two membership tiers with different price points—a basic Club membership that costs $50 annually and a $110 Plus membership that comes with extra perks. While Club shoppers usually have to pay shipping costs, one key advantage of the Plus tier is free shipping on most items with no minimum purchase

However, Sam's Club's upcoming policy change means that Plus members will soon have to spend at least $50 to enjoy free shipping. Unsurprisingly, shoppers haven't taken kindly to the switch.

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"I am so frustrated that Sam's Club is taking away free shipping for orders under $50 in August. I just renewed my Plus membership a few days ago. This is a terrible decision," a shopper lamented in an X post.

"Sam's Club is dropping free shipping for Plus members. I loved just ordering things when I realized I was running out, and now I don't see a reason to keep a Plus membership," another user posted on X. 

Some even said they planned to start shopping at rival warehouse chain Costco in response to the decision. 

"@SamsClub taking away free shipping from plus members unless you spend $50 is absolutely crazy. There's absolutely no reason for me to get Plus anymore…I'm just going to switch to Costco when my membership is up," an X user wrote.

Sam's Club shoppers considering making the switch won't necessarily avoid shipping fees by transitioning to Costco, however. Every product on the Costco website has its own shipping fee attached, though many items are shipped at no additional charge, according to the company.

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When contacted for comment on the change and backlash, a Sam's Club spokesperson shared the following statement with Eat This, Not That!:

"Our members consistently tell us that convenience matters to them however they choose to shop. These recent changes are designed to simplify the experience and fees for same day delivery and shipping, but also provide better access to the items our members buy the most. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with members saying that meeting the basket minimum is easy."

The spokesperson added that Sam's Club has recently added new member benefits in response to feedback, including grocery delivery and waiving the $4 curbside pickup fee for Club members who spend $50 or more.

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