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Starbucks Is Discontinuing One Of Its Most Popular Syrups

Fans may only have weeks left to drink their fill of Starbucks beverages with the popular syrup.
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Starbucks may be making billions off of those extra pumps of sauces and syrups customers add to their drinks, but that isn't stopping the chain from booting to a syrup flavor that has become extremely popular. Starbucks has confirmed that it plans to discontinue its raspberry syrup by the end of the month to the dismay of many, many fans.

"As a standard course of business, we continually evaluate the ingredients in our stores, and have decided to discontinue raspberry syrup. Customers can expect limited inventory at stores throughout March as we remove it from our menu," the company said in a statement.

Though Starbucks has only just confirmed its plans to retire the popular syrup, rumors about the discontinuation have been circulating on social media and in the news media for days.

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The U.S. Sun reported this week that they received confirmation from a Starbucks in California that the raspberry syrup will be discontinued by the end of March. Additionally, multiple TikTok users have posted videos in the past couple days showing an apparent memo from the company that read: "As we continue evaluating product performance, raspberry syrup will be discontinued by the end of March to make room for new innovations, like developing new syrup flavors."

The memo instructs employees to continue selling their current syrup inventory until it's depleted, explaining that ordering would be turned off once distribution centers run out of stock.

This means that customers may only have weeks left to drink their fill of Starbucks beverages that feature the raspberry syrup, though when each location runs out of stock could vary. TikTokers in particular have widely-embraced raspberry syrup as a creative addition to some of Starbucks' more established drinks, like matcha lattes, white chocolate mochas, and Strawberry Açaí Refreshers.

So it should come as no surprise that the raspberry syrup lovers were not happy to hear that it was leaving menus.

"I'm literally never going to Starbucks again cause they keep discontinuing EVERYTHING I love," a TikTok user commented on one of the videos about the syrup being retired.

Another fan on Reddit mourned the news by sharing a picture of a raspberry syrup bottle with wings and a halo. On top of their disappointment and frustration, many Starbucks employees and customers seemed to be genuinely confused about why the brand would retire a syrup that had become so beloved, even if it was to make room for new flavors.

"It's super popular, and it's the only fruity syrup we have. People add it to everything lately. I am baffled as to why they thought this was a good idea," a Reddit user tagged as a barista commented.

"Virtually 90% of the staff adds raspberry to their refreshers/teas. Including myself," another said.

In other Starbucks news, the brand debuted a brand-new Cinnamon Caramel Cream Nitro Cold Brew that has received positive reviews. Customers aren't quite as sold on Starbucks' new line of olive oil-infused coffees that is slated to debut in Southern California this spring.

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