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Surprising Cardio Habits That Shrink Your Visceral Fat, Trainer Says

The sooner you hop on the fitness train, the sooner you'll melt away excess fat.
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Losing fat is an ultra-common fitness goal people have, given the health issues that plague our society today. The sooner you hop on the fitness train, the sooner you will improve your overall physical fitness. When it comes to fat loss, one of the first steps is reviewing your lifestyle. It's critical to eat a healthy diet, work strength training into your rotation, and incorporate regular cardio exercise. There are two major types of fat in the body—subcutaneous and visceral. We're here to discuss the latter and share with you some surprising cardio habits you can do to shrink your visceral fat.

Let's start at the beginning so you have a solid understanding of why these exercises are so important for your health and wellness. Subcutaneous fat is the type right under the skin, such as around the belly. Visceral fat is the fat that encompasses your organs, and having too much of it increases your risk for health issues. If you're carrying high amounts of visceral fat, you have a higher chance of developing diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure (via Insider).

Fortunately, lowering the amount of visceral fat you have is easier than subcutaneous—you'll just have to incorporate some solid cardio habits into your fitness routine. Read on to learn more about what you can do, and get ready to shrink your visceral fat. And next up, don't miss The 6 Best Exercises for Strong and Toned Arms in 2022, Trainer Says.

Finish your workouts with cardio

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If you're strength training regularly and not getting in cardio due to time restrictions on your other days, or it's not something you prioritize, you can do it at the end of your workout. Incorporate 10 to 15 minutes of steady-state work on your favorite cardio machine, such as incline treadmill walking, cycling, or stairclimber. If you don't like those activities, you can even go for a brisk walk.

Cardio is simple to sneak in wherever you may be for extra steps, too. Simply by taking the stairs instead of an elevator or parking at the far end of a parking lot can help you increase your cardio. Every little bit helps, so be mindful of staying fit every moment of the day—not just at the gym.

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Add in some interval days

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Visceral fat responds well to interval work, so you'll want to mix it into your cardio routine. I recommend you perform intervals at least one to two times per week. Here are three common intervals you can do on cardio machines:

  • 15 to 20-second sprint, followed by 20-40 second rest, repeat for 10 rounds
  • 20-second all-out sprint, 2-minute slow recovery, repeat for 8 rounds
  • 30-second sprint, 2-minute rest, repeat for 5 to 8 rounds

Use light cardio as a rest period

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If you like doing circuit training in your workouts, you can perform a low-intensity cardio activity as part of your rest period in between sets. It's a good way to get some extra aerobic work in and also use it as a way to keep your heart rate up and for extra calorie burn. Some exercises to do for your rest period are jump rope, light cycling, or a brisk walk. Aim for 45 to 60 seconds.

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