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Taco Bell Is Quietly Testing This New, Crispy Menu Item

The fast-food chain is upping their chicken game.

Next time you "make a break for the border" you may very well have a new menu option. That's because fast-food giant Taco Bell is testing chicken wings in at least one location in Fullerton, California, according to the hypervigilant eyes at Food Beast.

The new menu item is called "Crispy Chicken Wings" and comes with a new spicy ranch dressing (or, you can use their classic "diablo sauce"). Judged purely by a video posted by the @foodbeast on Twitter, these new Taco Bell wings look really good, which you can check out below:


YouTube food reviewer Peep This Out also reviewed the new Crispy Chicken Wings and gave them a rave review. The wings are seasoned in a "bold Mexican seasoning" and light breading, and seem to look sizeable, according to the video.

When asked what was behind the new wings (which contain five flat and drum wings, not boneless, per order for $4.99), a spokesperson for Taco Bell told Thrillist, "We're always innovating and listening to our fans, and chicken is just one category that we're excited to explore further and put our Taco Bell spin on."

The fast-food chain is well-known for trying out new things with their menu, but recently, they also removed 12 beloved items. Just earlier this month, rumors spread that their beloved quesarito would no longer be available, which caused a great deal of online outrage.

But, based purely on early reviews, there is sure to be some rejoicing if they end up adding these chicken wings to menus nationwide. They could very well become a new fan favorite.

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