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Taco Bell Has a New Guacamole, But Customers Are Divided on the Taste

It sounds like exactly what we're looking for in a fast food version of this beloved condiment.

It appears Taco Bell quietly launched a new version of their guacamole this year and customers are starting to notice the change. If you've ever ordered Taco Bell's guacamole in the past you might remember it having more of a squeezed from a premade tube-like consistency, but that's not the case with this new and seemingly improved version.

It's being described as "chunky, yet spreadable and dippable" which sounds like exactly what we're looking for in a fast food version of the beloved condiment.

This new guacamole is prepared fresh daily and features real Hass avocados that are hand mixed with diced tomatoes, crisp onions, and a seasoning sauce with hints of lime.

The fast food chain, which proudly leads the way when it comes to having the most vegetarian options on its menu, recently announced the testing of more vegan friendly-protein items, including Beyond Carne Asada Steak, which would no doubt pair well with the fresh new guac option that certified by the American Vegetarian Association as a vegan menu item containing only 40 calories per serving.

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But Taco Bell fans are giving it totally mixed reviews. Some think it's absolutely terrible.

While others have noticed the difference and are on board with the change.

One verified Taco Bell employee took to Reddit to share how this new guac is indeed an upgrade for the fast food giant since it's assembled fresh (for the most part except for the use of frozen avocado) on-site each day versus the premade frozen version they used prior.

This led other fans to call out the removal of pico de gallo from their menu in 2020 claiming that the process should be similar enough to be able to offer both.

This new guac can be found on several of Taco Bell's menu items including the recently launched 7-Layer Nacho Fries and Burrito, the Fiesta Veggie Burrito, and as a free optional topping on the Power Menu Bowl. Guests that fancy a bit of guacamole on any other item can add it for an additional $1, though the price may vary depending on the location.

Taco Bell's new fresh-made guacamole is now available at participating locations throughout the country.

Amber Love Bond
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