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TGI Fridays’ New Cheeseburger Special Makes Tuesday the New Friday

$5 for a burger and fries? Yes, please. That's a better deal than a fast-food value meal!
TGI Fridays’ New Cheeseburger Special Makes Tuesday the New FridayCourtesy of TGI Fridays

Did you know that the United States has an unofficial holiday for national cheeseburger day? One of many not-really-real food holidays, National Cheeseburger Day falls on September 18. But if you already have plans for tomorrow evening, don’t worry. The newest addition to the list of TGI Fridays specials is here to stay.

What is the new TGI Fridays special?

If you’re a burger lover, you’re in luck. Starting on September 17—yep, that’s today—you can score a cheeseburger and fries at the chain for just $5 every Tuesday. That’s right: An entire meal can be yours for little more than the cost of a fancy coffee, and for less than the price of two gallons of gas.

The best part is that there’s no set end date for this promotion, so you could, theoretically, keep getting weekly $5 burgers on Tuesdays from here on out.

What are the other TGI Fridays specials?

Tuesday isn’t the only day you’ll want to head to the chain. The restaurant is rolling out specials for other weekdays, too, and they’re almost as good as the burger deal. Here’s a list of the other TGI Fridays specials you can enjoy on weekdays.

  • Cajun Shrimp and Chicken Pasta Mondays: You can enjoy a half portion of this spicy pasta for $5.99 on Mondays, or indulge with a full-size portion for $8.99.
  • Chicken Sandwich Wednesdays: Both the Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich and the Bacon Ranch Chicken Sandwich are just $5 each on Wednesdays (and that includes a side of fries).
  • Big Ribs Thursdays: Relax with a half-rack of ribs for $7.99 or a full rack of ribs for $12.99. Naturally, this deal also includes fries, as well as coleslaw.
  • Endless Appetizer Fridays: True to the restaurant’s name, the chain saved the best deal for last. On Fridays, you can choose one appetizer (think options like potstickers, boneless wings, or mozzarella sticks) and get unlimited refills.

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What about drinks?

Even with a $5 sandwich, you still won’t have to break the bank to enjoy a cocktail with your dinner. TGI Fridays has a list of cocktails that are $5 every day, including its signature margarita and Long Island Iced Tea.

A burger and a cocktail for just $10? These TGI Fridays specials are almost too good to be true. If you love the classic American burger, this is one deal that’s definitely worth checking out.

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