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Science Shows Eating This Food Will Make Men More Attractive

Attention all men! This diet will score you major brownie points with the ladies, according to science.

You've got the expensive cologne, sharp suit, and fresh haircut, but still aren't getting as many dates as that other guy. So what can a dude do? Apparently, switching up your diet is a science-backed hack to attracting more women.

A recent study in the Evolution & Human Behavior journal discovered that women were more attracted to men who consumed more fruits and vegetables rather than refined carbs like bread, baked goods, and pasta. After recruiting a group of healthy young men, researchers tested their skin hues for carotenoid levels and asked them to complete a questionnaire investigating their eating habits. The men were also given clean shirts and asked to exercise in them. Then, the female participants were asked to give the sweaty shirts a sniff test.

"We asked the women to rate how much they liked [the sweat scent], how floral, how fruity [it was]," the study's author Ian Stephen of Macquarie University in Australia told NPR. "Women basically found that men who ate more vegetables smelled nicer." Meat, egg, and tofu intake also resulted in more attractive–smelling sweat while a diet rich in carbs produced stronger, almost pungent sweat.
What's more, scent isn't the only indicator of attractiveness. Thanks to the plants' carotenoids, men who predominantly ate produce had a more pronounced yellow hue to their skin, which was also found to be more appealing to the opposite sex.
If you're already stocked up on fruits and veggies but need another way to score a second date, hit the grocery store for these Foods That Make Men More Sexually Attractive before the weekend rolls along.


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