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The Only Thing That Will Kill Your Sugar Cravings

A dissolvable strip can now completely wipe away your hankerings for the sweet stuff.

Say goodbye to the days where you longingly made eyes at that chocolate chip cookie sitting on the table across the room, because there's a new, doctor-approved product that can eliminate your sugar cravings for good.

To be clear, there's nothing wrong with eating a delicious cookie. However, for those who are at risk of prediabetes or already have type 2 diabetes, staying away from unhealthy foods is pivotal in managing symptoms and maintaining good health. Still, with nearly 10.5% of the U.S. population having diabetes, according to most recent data, the need for developing a product that curbs sugar cravings is high, and Sugarbreak did just that. (Related: 15 Classic American Desserts That Deserve a Comeback.)

Courtesy of Sugarbreak

Introducing Resist by Sugarbreak, the premier natural, dietary supplement that helps block the taste of sugar. We get it—how does a supplement inhibit your taste buds from picking up on the sweet stuff, exactly? The team at Eat This, Not That! had the same skepticism, but after we tried the product while meeting with the Co-Founder and CEO of Sugarbreak, Scarlett Leung, over a virtual happy hour, we were shocked at the results.

Resist is a natural and plant-based dissolvable strip that you place on your tongue when you're craving something sweet. The strip, which resembles a Listerine Fresh Breath Strip, dissolves on your tongue almost instantly. Made with the woody shrub, Gymnema sylvestre, peppermint, and brown seaweed, Editor in Chief at ETNT, Faye Brennan, said the strip, "tasted a little bit like seaweed to me, and has the same hue. But it was also super minty."

Prior to using the strip, we snacked on candies as well as homemade blood orange margaritas. We were savoring all of the sweet flavors, and then after we put the strips on our tongues, we were instructed by Leung to then try the drink and sweets once more. Our reactions were priceless.

"Margaritas are my favorite drink, and I'll never turn a free one down. This is the first time I thought a handmade margarita tasted revolting," says Managing Editor at ETNT, Joseph Neese, after sampling the goodies. "I put it back down after one sip."

One by one we saw another person from our webcams try their drink, pucker their lips, and immediately set the classic cocktail down.

"It dissolved on my tongue pretty quickly, at which point, the idea of having another sip of my margarita seemed unsavory—my mouth tasted like I had just brushed my teeth," says Brennan. "When I did take a sip, I was SHOCKED at how I couldn't taste any sweetness of the fruity liquid…only sour notes. It was the strangest thing like someone had flipped a switch to filter out any sweetness. I was blown away."

This sensation can last for up to one hour, but for some of us, it only lasted about 30-40 minutes. It goes without mention that Resist is truly an effective way to stop sugar cravings because it temporarily suppresses your ability to enjoy that inherent sense of taste.

Above all, the company is genuinely invested in helping people with prediabetes and diabetes stabilize their blood glucose (sugar) levels. Sugarbreak recently teamed up with the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation (DRIF) for a month-long partnership to raise funds for diabetes research in America via an exclusive promo code, among other digital efforts.

"One in three Americans are diabetic or pre-diabetic and the numbers and comorbidity rates related to COVID-19 and diabetes are around 25%," Leung said in a statement to ETNT. "Because of this, raising awareness for diabetes is more important now than ever."

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