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Fast-Growing Biscuit Chain Plans to Open 10 New Locations

The chain has only been around for a few years, but it already boasts an aggressive growth pipeline.

Most Americans probably aren't more than a stone's throw away from a great breakfast joint serving up pancakes, omelets, coffee, and other classic morning fare. However, consumers down south are about to see a surge of openings from a growing chain that specializes in something a little more unique than your typical breakfast place: scratch-made biscuits.

Vicious Biscuit—a fast-casual chain that serves a variety of biscuit sandwiches, biscuit dishes, and other southern-style breakfast foods—just announced plans to open 10 new locations in Florida, per QSR Magazine. The new openings will take place across several markets in the state, including in the Duval and St. John's counties.

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Vicious Biscuit was able to add the 10 openings to its growth pipeline thanks to a new partnership with Matt Strickland, a franchisee who already owns and operates Zaxby's and Mellow Mushroom restaurants in the Sunshine State. Strickland said in a statement published by QSR Magazine that he was inspired to try to open his own Vicious Biscuit locations after visiting one of the chain's South Carolina outposts in 2020.

Vicious Biscuit storefront
Courtesy of Vicious Biscuit

"I was immediately struck by the brand's unique appeal – from its standout branding to its operational efficiency. But it was the taste of the food that sealed the deal for me. It's not just good; it's exceptional," he said. "I didn't even know if Vicious Biscuit was planning to franchise at the time. But I knew I had to have one, if not 10. We're excited to bring this unique dining experience to Florida."

Vicious Biscuit is still a young brand since its very first location only opened in Mount Pleasant, S.C. in 2018. The chain's site currently lists six operating locations across South Carolina, North Carolina, and Florida, with two more "coming soon" in Ohio and South Carolina. However, Vicious Biscuit's somewhat limited store count right now only makes its aggressive growth plans all the more notable.

Since the brand launched its franchising program early last year, it has inked seven franchisee deals that should see it develop nearly 40 new locations, per QSR Magazine. Vicious Biscuit also anticipates reaching a whopping 75 restaurants over the next five years.

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Utah, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama are some of the other markets where the brand plans to expand. The timelines for many of these openings weren't immediately clear, so any biscuit lovers in those areas should stay tuned for future updates on the planned stores.

In the meantime, foodies throughout the United States can keep an eye out for new restaurant openings from other chains that plan to expand rapidly in 2024 and beyond. The thriving regional chicken chain Slim Chickens, for example, has more than 1,200 restaurants in development and plans to open 70 stores this year alone. Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers also currently has more than 550 restaurant development commitments and plans to debut about 65 new locations in 2024.

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