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11 Things to Know Before Shopping for Groceries at Walmart

Save more on groceries and live better when you follow these tips while shopping at Walmart.
11 Things to Know Before Shopping for Groceries at WalmartCourtesy of Walmart

It's easy to stick to a budget at Walmart because they have an everyday low pricing strategy where they aim to have the lowest prices in the market. That being said, there are some tricks you can still employ to get even lower prices than what is advertised—and better yet, you can even make money. Besides saving money, being aware of other Walmart hacks will also make your shopping experience even more seamless.

Here, we spotlight 11 things you should know before grocery shopping at Walmart to save time and money.


They have an 'overage' policy.

Woman paying for her vegetable vegan groceries at a checkout Shutterstock

As is custom for most grocery stores, Walmart takes manufacturers coupons from wherever you may find them—from the brand's website, from your local grocery store checkout receipt, or even from your local paper. But what is unique about the budget chain is that they have something called an "overage" policy. This means that if the face value of the coupon is higher than the price of the item, Walmart deducts the full value of the coupon and applies it as a credit to the rest of your basket.

For example, if a coupon says you get a free frozen dinner with a maximum value of $5.99 and Walmart sells that dinner for $4.99, you would get an "overage" of one dollar added to your cart that will be applied to the rest of your purchases!


Download the Walmart app.

Walmart app BigTunaOnline/Shutterstock

There's almost no better place to find grocery deals than on Walmart's own app. Download the app to get early access to exclusive items and other special offers.


Order your groceries for pickup or delivery.

Walmart online grocery pickup Courtesy of Walmart

When you're busy, the last thing you need on your mind is grocery shopping. That's why Walmart has made it easy to get the food you and your family needs without the hassle of pushing around a shopping cart in a congested store on a weeknight and trying to keep your kids from peeking in the toy section. Use the Walmart Grocery site or the Walmart Grocery app to make your shopping list. Once you've finalized your choices, select a time slot that works for your schedule and drive to your local Walmart for pickup.

You also don't even have to get out of the car—an associate not only brings your groceries straight to your car, but will also load your items into the car for you. Best of all? It's free with a $30 minimum purchase, and you'll get the same low price as you would in the store. Order before 1 p.m., and you can get same-day pickup.

Select Walmart locations across America will also deliver your groceries directly to your door for as low as a $7.95 delivery fee. (The busier time slots will cost you extra: $9.95.) You can also schedule a delivery up to six days in advance, so if you know you have a busy few days leading up to the party you're hosting Friday evening, you can do your shopping when you have a slow day earlier in the week and Walmart will take care of everything else.


Walmart will price match for online grocery orders.

Walmart coupon Courtesy of Walmart

Although Walmart was the king of price matching, that's largely a thing of the past now. They no longer price match other in-store prices from competitors and they're discontinuing their "Savings Catcher," which allowed you to upload receipts after purchase to find savings. However, the store will still price match on If you see a grocery item on sale at online retailers—it must be identical in size, model, quantity, brand, and color—contact Customer Care before placing an order (online chat is the easier and quickest way to do this).


Apply for a Walmart credit card.

Walmart credit card Courtesy of Walmart

The Walmart credit card has no annual fees, and you'll get an instant $25 credit if you spend $75 or more the same day you open your account. You'll also get 3 percent cash back on and Grocery Pickup. If you spend just $200 a month on groceries, you're looking at $72 back in your wallet. The card also gives you 2 percent cash back on gas purchases at Walmart fuel stations and Murphy USA gas stations, as well as 1 percent cash back on all purchases at Walmart and wherever the Walmart Credit Card is accepted. To save the most amount of money on groceries, use the free Grocery pickup, as you'll get 3 percent cash back rather than only 1 percent in store.


Use Walmart Pay for faster checkouts.

Walmart pay Courtesy of Walmart

Do you find that you forget your wallet more often than you care to admit? No worries if you want to shop at Walmart. Set up Walmart Pay to sync up your credit card with your Walmart account, so all you'll need to do is swipe your phone at checkout to pay for your groceries. Another advantage of Walmart Pay besides a quick checkout is that you can rack up money saved—either by overage coupons or post-purchase price matching—on your account to be used for your next purchase.


Check online before shopping in stores.

woman sitting at home on laptop Shutterstock

When it comes to packaged food items, you may be able to find a cheaper price on than what you see in your local store. If that's the case, Walmart is happy to price match what you saw online. Simply pull up the item on your phone and show it to the cashier during checkout.


Buy their Great Value brand.

Walmart great value brand Icatnews/Shutterstock

Groceries can add up—and fast. Luckily, there are many healthy options at Walmart, and many of those are from Walmart's very own Great Value brand. Not only is it less expensive than other national brands, but it's also just as nutritious!


Shop for meat in the morning.

Woman shopping for meat at butcher counter Shutterstock

The early bird gets the worm, or in this case, the meat! According to The Penny Hoarder, you'll want to head over to Walmart before noon to get markdown prices on meat items. Apparently, stores will mark down meat and produce that are nearing their "sell by" dates in the morning. The exact time can vary by store, so check with the managers of your store's meat and produce departments to know when you should be shopping.


Be on the lookout for yesterday's baked goods.

Grocery store bakery cookie display B Brown/Shutterstock

The Penny Hoarder also mentions that Walmart will sell yesterday's baked goods at a reduced price the next day. Stop by the bakery in the morning to see what's in stock before they run out. If you're not planning to eat these foods today, they're also some of the best foods to freeze.


The best time to shop is early morning.

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"[Between 7 and 11 a.m.] is when store managers walk through to ensure everything is well stocked before the daytime rush hits," shares The Krazy Coupon Lady, a blog devoted to couponing and saving money at retailers. So if you're looking to get the freshest goods, make sure you get your foot in the door first!

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