The Worst  Ranch Dressing on Store Shelves

#5. Kraft

It's the least offensive of the popular brands you'll find in stores calories-wise, but it has as much sodium as you would get from 20 sourdough pretzel bites.


#4. Wish-Bone

While Wishbone's ranch has a little less sodium than Kraft's, it's coming in with more calories and fat. If you do decide to try this dressing, you might be surprised to discover it's rather runny and watered down.


#3. Newman's Own

There is far too much seasoning here. In fact, all you can taste is a combination of garlic, onion, and oil. It really will cling to those baby carrots you pair alongside it, but it has slightly more fat and sugar than others on the list.


#2. Hidden Valley

It may be the original ranch dressing, but it's slightly higher in saturated fat. One complaint about this ranch? It's very heavy on the seasoning, and so the flavors tend to linger in the form of an unfortunate aftertaste. 


#1. Ken's Steakhouse

It has the highest amount of calories, fat, saturated fat, and sodium out of all the popular ranch dressings. In fact, one serving of this dressing has more sodium than you would get from a medium-size order of McDonald's fries. Yikes.


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