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17 Delicious Out-Of-The-Box Pizza Toppings You Totally Need to Try

The verdict's out whether these pizza toppers are totally craveable or crazy...

Step aside, standard sausage. Ciao, cheese. Creative cooks are perking up pizza, aka America's favorite comfort food, with next-level toppings that toe the line between "oh wow!" and "are you kidding me?" For some, the idea is that if you can eat it, you can put it on a pizza, so we took it upon ourselves to round up some of the wackiest, weirdest pizza toppings in the world that you'll definitely want to try. And hey, maybe just maybe you'll be brave enough to try one of these for yourself, right in the comfort of your own kitchen. There's no better place to eat something new than right at home, right?

Grab a premade pizza crust, and get going trying these crazy, out-of-the-box pizza toppings at home!



Banana bunches

Inspiration: Farm Fresh Feasts' Ham and Banana Pizza

You read that right: you can add bananas to your pizza. Swedish snackers actually adore banana curry pizza. Yes, really!  You can take the concept to a more American—by way of Hawaii—flavor palate. Think of it like the Hawaiian pizza, just switched to a different kind of yellow fruit. So instead of pineapple pieces, the marinara, ham, and mozzarella cheese recipe gets a pop of sweetness from banana coins. Plus, the banana will caramelize when it's cooked, so you know you're in for a golden treat when it comes out of the oven!


Cheez Whiz

Cheez whiz

Inspiration: Bellissima Pizzeria in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Order a Philly cheesesteak sandwich at certain shops in Philly, and you'll be asked if you want your hoagie "Whiz wit or Whiz without" (translation: with Cheese Whiz or sans-cheese). But have you ever thought about spreading some of that Cheez Whiz on your pizza? At Bellissima Pizzeria, you can score a crust topped with Cheese Whiz, chicken fingers, and mozzarella cheese. You can easily buy Cheez Wiz at the grocery store and spread some on top of a classic pizza for the ultimate cheesy bite. This gives new meaning to double cheese, right?



Mexican street corn elote

Inspiration: Rose City Pizza in Rosemead, California

The popular grilled Mexican street food can easily be added to a pizza if you want to spice up your topping game with something you most likely won't be able to find on the menu at your local pizza shop. Chili powder, cilantro, and spicy mayo mixing together on your slice? Now that's a force to be reckoned with.



Frying eggs in pan

Inspiration: Jean-George's Mixed Wild Mushroom Pizza With Fried Eggs

Yep, we're breaking into the breakfast theme now, as we're topping your pizza with eggs however you like them: fried, sunny-side up, all versions are welcome. Think about it: how good would the gooey egg yolk taste on top of the cheese? In fact, people put fried eggs on their burgers for the creamy texture that reminds them of cheese. You can add in veggies too—like mushrooms or peppers—to bring a full omelet/veggie pizza combination to your breakfast or dinner table. It's truly the best of both worlds.




Inspiration: Pig Ate My Pie in Robbinsdale, Minnesota

Fermented foods are trending in everything from fizzy drinks like kombucha to fresh dairy finds like kefir, so it was only a matter of time before someone thought to add it on pizza. Pig Ate My Pie actually features fermentation two ways on their Seoul-Ful pork pizza: kimchi (Korean-seasoned veggies) and miso (soybean paste). This is one umami-based pizza topping you can easily try out for yourself at home with a quick stop at the grocery store for those two ingredients.




Inspiration: How Sweet Eats Blueberry Pizza

Dessert pizzas rarely veer from apple-cinnamon or s'mores, but other fruit can be tossed up on pizza for a sweet treat that can totally work for dinner, too. How Sweet Eats freshens up her sweet-and-savory slices with fresh blueberries, thyme, caramelized shallots, and lemon-scented ricotta. So when your sweet tooth comes calling, this is a way to satisfy it in a more savory way that's appropriate for dinner.



whole coconut and coconut flakes

Inspiration: Coconut and shrimp pizza from Costa Rica

Coconut is obviously a topping you'll see at a fro-yo shop, but it's something you can put on your pizza, too! In Costa Rica, pizzas are famously topped with coconut and shrimp, creating that beloved sweet and savory combo. Grab those coconut flakes, and get to shaking them all over your next slice.


Buffalo Tater Tots

Buffalo tater tots

Inspiration: Boss Lady Pizza in Boulder, Colorado

"Are you going to eat those tots?" How about adding them to your pizza? The answer is a resounding "yes!" to all of the above. The white pizza at Boss Lady Pizza tastes like buffalo chicken meets tater tots meets jalapeño poppers, so it's a truly flavor-packed pie you'll want to recreate at home yourself. The official topping lineup: Ranch dressing, buffalo tots, jalapeños, mozzarella and cheddar cheeses, and sour cream. You can make this dish when you want to take your game day snacks to the next level. Think of it as adding some of those classic sports foods all in one place: on top of a pizza!


Shepherd's Pie

Shepard's pie

Inspiration: The Slice Above's Homemade Shepherd's Pie Pizza

If you're part of the population that categorizes deep dish pizza as a casserole, this concept might not seem quite as wacky at first glance. But think about it: Instead of mozzarella and red sauce, you'll uncover a hearty ground lamb, carrot, pea, and onion filling—all spread with buttery mashed potatoes, a la shepherd's pie. Why not combine two classic comfort foods the next time you're wanting to whip up something totally new for dinner—spread out on a homemade pizza, you'll definitely feel full from this hearty meal.


Loaded Baked Potato

Loaded baked potato

Inspiration: Foxes Love Lemons baked potato pizza recipe

This is one option you can easily make yourself if you're cooking at home, and spud-topped pizza will cure any and all of your carb cravings, that's for sure. With some refrigerated dough as the base, add baby gold potatoes, bacon, cheddar cheese, jalapeños, and plenty of ranch dressing to make this pizza just like the scrumptious side dish.


Crab Rangoon

Crab rangoon

Inspiration: The Crab Rangoon Pie at Fong's Pizza in Des Moines, Iowa

Why choose between Chinese and Italian food when you can enjoy both cuisines in one bite? At Fong's Pizza, pizza dough gets adorned with all of the classic crab rangoon ingredients, including cream cheese, surimi (aka fish paste), green onions, crispy wonton strips, asiago and mozzarella cheeses, and a drizzle of sweet chili sauce. Talk about a unique twist on a basic piece of a pizza! You can get creative in the kitchen when it comes to making your own variation of this pie at home, but we say this is a fun seafood slice you'll love to recreate.




Inspiration: Tony Boloney's Tuesday-only special pie in Atlantic City, New Jersey

Can't decide whether you're in the mood for tacos or pizza? Well, it's totally OK if you want to have both and put some tacos on your pizza. Prepare to take the concept of the taco pizza to new avocado-upgraded heights. You can order a plain pizza and make your own taco ingredients to layer on top of your slices. Think of taco meat as just an upgraded form of your usual sausage or pepperoni topping. Allow for some room in the center of the pie for a mountain of guacamole that can be used for dipping, of course, like it's done at Tony Boloney's. Bite with caution: These slices could get heavy!


Chicken and Waffles

Chicken and waffles

Inspiration: Dimo's in Chicago, Illinois

The sweet and savory dish is already the perfect match, so you might've not thought to ever add it to your pizza. But why not? It's kind of the perfect breakfast treat when you think about it, and it's definitely a slice above reheating cold pizza for a morning meal. Dimo's version comes on a New York-style crust and offers a taste of the South in the Windy City, with each slice crowned with crème fraîche, fried chicken, melted butter, mozzarella cheese, homemade mini waffles, and honey. Chicken and waffles is something you could easily whip up in the morning, and why not toss it on top of last night's leftover slices for your own version? We love the idea of bite-sized mini waffles on top!


Chili Cheese Dog Meat

Chili cheese hot dog

Inspiration: Melanie Makes

Kids—and kids at heart—have most likely wondered what pairing these two favorite meals together would taste like. So go ahead and put a chili cheese dog on your pizza. You can use ground beef chili in place of traditional tomato sauce, and hot dog coins as the stand-ins for the sausage and pepperoni. Crown it all in a layer of cheese, and it's a super simple swap!


Sausage Gravy

Sausage gravy

Inspiration: Paleo OMG's Biscuits and Gravy Pizza

We've already established that pizza isn't just a lunch or dinner option—you can have it in the morning, too. And you can really make it a true breakfast meal by adding some sausage gravy. You can make a pan-style "biscuit" crust and top it with sausage gravy that's seasoned with rosemary, sage, and fennel. Talk about taking these up to gourmet level!


Lobster Tails

Lobster tail

Inspiration: Steveston Pizza in British Columbia, Canada

Anchovies are a common pizza topping, but you might be missing out if you're not also trying out adding lobster to your pizza. Hey, it'll look really impressive, don't you think? The $70 Serpent pizza at Steveston Pizza is a towering sea feast of Canadian lobster tails, shrimp, prawns, and smoked salmon. Steal their idea and make your own seafood-themed pizza at home with some or all of the same fish.


24-Karat Gold Leaves

Gold leaves

Inspiration: Industry Kitchen in New York City

Yes, you really can eat gold, so why not add it to your slice? As outrageous as this sounds, it's very real and if you call 48 hours ahead, you can indulge in a $2,000 pie at Industry Kitchen. A more practical version you can make at home is to simply add edible gold glitter to your pizza if you want to add some shimmer and shine just for fun. Now, who's ready for pizza?

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