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7 Weirdest Things You Can Buy at Walmart

The store really does have everything.

When you think of the aisles at Walmart, you might think of the electronics or the Great Value food items. Maybe you think of beauty products or clothing deals, too. But what probably doesn't come to mind when you think about Walmart are things like fried pickles, beer fridges, and even caskets.

But Walmart and sell all of those things, too! Here are some of the weirdest things you can buy at Walmart, in case you're curious (or just in the market for a beer fridge).

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Beer Fridge

beer fridge filled with beer cans

Forget having a wine cooler. This beer fridge is perfect for when you want to grab another beer without walking to the real fridge. And for $220, it can be yours from

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Talk O' Texas Mild Okra Pickles

jar of okra pickles

You've heard of fried okra. But pickled okra? Apparently, it's a thing, and you can find it in a jar at Walmart.

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Oreo O's Cereal

box of oreo os cereal

For a while, we thought that this Post cereal was discontinued. But it turns out that Oreo O's are still on store shelves, and you can find them at Walmart!

Lemon Oreos

lemon flavored cream oreo pack

Speaking of Oreo cookies, there have been plenty of weird Oreo flavors over the years. Lemon Oreos are still available at Walmart if you're brave enough to try them.

Mop Slippers

pair of mop slippers

Why break out the mop when you can just put on a pair of mop slippers? Give the floors a good slide with these and watch all of the dust disappear. Search "mop slippers" on, and you'll have your pick of all sorts of cleaning footwear.

Engagement Rings

engagement ring in box

You'll find engagement rings in-store at Costco, and you'll find them at, too. Note that these are shipped and sold by various third-party jewelry retailers, so be sure to research the company before ordering a ring from Walmart.


open casket

You won't see them in the aisles at the store, but you can buy caskets at And if you're more of a Costco person, the warehouse sells caskets, too. It's not a fun purchase, but you'll be able to send off your loved ones without breaking the bank.

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