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Here's What Kim Kardashian Eats for Breakfast to Stay in Amazing Shape

The reality star keeps her svelte figure by noshing on this simple, yet slimming breakfast.

In between sharing a bed with her four-year-old daughter and Snapchatting her new makeup line, this is what the reality TV queen, in all her toned tummy glory, starts her day with.

Kim Kardashian has made headlines for plenty of things: her shameless selfies, the latest latex ensemble she donned on the red carpet, and her latest rendition of bleach blonde hair. And most recently, she's been acclaimed for her impressively toned-up bod, which she showed off beachside. "I'm, like, the most fit I've ever been," she told Allure in a recent interview.

So how does the mom of two maintain the best shape of her life? She eats breakfast. But more specifically, one that's low in carbs and rich in protein and veggies. While interviewing with Allure at the Baccarat Hotel in NYC, Kardashian ordered scrambled eggs with tomatoes, mushrooms, and onions. The dish came with an English muffin, which Kim didn't touch, but guzzled down English breakfast tea with "loads of honey."

Much to our surprise, Kim's a.m. meal is easy enough for anyone to make on their own. And with slimming nutrients like choline from the eggs, anti-inflammatory lycopene from the tomatoes, and mushrooms' muscle-strengthening vitamin D, we're definitely recommending you whip up this scramble tomorrow morning. The only thing we're not too fond of is how Kardashian takes her tea. Rather than dousing the fat-burning brew with honey, try adding just a teaspoon of the stuff. Or better yet, nix it altogether using our helpful 30 Tips To Stop Eating So Much Sugar.

April Benshosan
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