This Is What Real People Look Like After Losing 30 Pounds

Not everyone will (or needs to) drop as much weight as the stars of The Biggest Loser.
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Everyone loses weight in different ways. You might notice a smaller waist or a thinner face before the fat melts away from other areas. One thing to be sure of, though, is that dropping 30 pounds makes a huge difference. Wondering how to lose 30 pounds?

So, how do you get there, and which regimen is right for you? If your friend is obsessed with cardio classes, but you dread the thought of being on a spin bike for an hour, it's okay to go a different route! We rounded up real people from Instagram who lost weight in different ways that worked for them and their schedules. Read on to find one you can identify with; you're sure to feel inspired.



Photo courtesy of Instagram, @sarahcroninfitmom

"I appreciate the progress I make every single day and I don't beat myself up over the wine, cheese, sweets, and carbs that happen here and there. I also don't spend a ton of time working out because I don't have it. But, I show up [every day]. I know this works. And I know this will never result in me completely falling off the wagon and gaining it all back. This is flexible. This is sustainable. This is healthy. And this works." – Sarah Cronin

This new mom keeps her weight-loss regimen positive and realistic. While it's easy to let one slip-up get you down, you'll see more results by staying on track than allowing yourself to fall off the wagon completely. Being sensible about a healthy diet that's reasonable for you, in addition to a workout you can fit in your schedule, is crucial to not get discouraged. That way, after sticking with it for some time, you'll see results just like Sarah!



Photo courtesy of Instagram, @kati3_fit

Katie didn't let anything stand in her way of weight loss. Her weight-loss regimen is a combination of eating healthy, drinking lots of water, and exercising at her local Planet Fitness. How did she lose 30 pounds? She mixes up her workouts with cardio and strength training, which builds muscle mass and tones her tummy so she can blast fat! If you're weight-training, it's important to take your measurements in addition to weighing yourself, since you might gain muscle weight while losing fat weight, your total progress might not show on the scale.



Photo courtesy of Instagram, @renee_dangelo

"Left was yesterday; Right April 2016. It's insane how 3 months of hard work and dedication pay off. In 3 months, I have changed my lifestyle completely. I cut out drinking, started eating healthy, and [trained] at the gym 5 days a week. I'm not where I want to be yet, but in 3 months, I lost 30 pounds and went down 2 pant sizes! It is true you can do anything you set your mind too cheers to loving yourself." – Renee Dangelo

Renee promotes not just dieting, but a lifestyle change when it comes to getting into successful weight-loss habits. While a crash diet might help you drop pounds quickly, you'll likely gain back the weight once you settle back into eating normal food. "If you want to lose the weight and keep it off for good, target a weight loss of one to two pounds per week so you can truly see permanent, long-lasting results!" says Kristen Carlucci Haase, RDN.



Photo courtesy of Instagram, @lindsaykate527

"So proud to be over [30 pounds down] and healthier […] I logged all my food on an app and watched my calorie intake. I also exercised 3-4 days a week, on an elliptical!" – Lindsay

Lindsay's primary reason for getting in shape wasn't the number on the scale, but for her fertility health, showing how important a healthy lifestyle is to all aspects of your well-being. Using an application can make tracking calories and nutrients easy—and hard to ignore when you see how they can add up. You'll feel even better deducting those calories from the gym!



Photo courtesy of Instagram, @christie_purviance

"Celebrate the small victories and don't ever dwell on when you fall off the wagon. We aren't perfect, we make mistakes and we are all human. It's been a hard few weeks for me for many reasons and I'm up a few pounds, bloated as ever, and I honestly just want to eat all my emotions. I have been catching myself filling my head with negative thoughts, but when I reflect back on where I used to be, I'm not doing too bad. The words and thoughts we tell ourselves are SO powerful and have such an impact on us. If I could give any advice to anyone struggling like I have, let it go. Move on from it. Start over. Every day is a second chance and it's never too late. The imperfections and struggles are what make the journey so worth it." – Christie Purviance

Just like everyone struggling with their weight, Christie admits it's not always a straight shot to the finish line. Sometimes the scale can show an extra pound from the last time you checked, but that's perfectly fine (and normal.) While our weight can fluctuate due to many reasons, staying positive and on-track means the goal is still attainable.



Photo courtesy of Instagram, @paparazzi_85

"Today marks 30 pounds [I've] lost on this weight journey! [It's] been a little shy of a year and i am so proud of myself! [It's] been a bumpy road and [I'm] still a work in progress but [I'm] just happy to have reached my first goal and to continue on this path!" – @paparazzi_85

Balance is everything! This Instagrammer incorporates clean eating into his diet with fresh soups and salads, accompanied by protein shakes for muscle-building when he's working out at the gym. The shakes act as great meal replacers if you're short on time for breakfast, but be careful, not all are created equal.



Photo courtesy of Instagram, @illstartagainmonday

"Progress has been feeling slow and the scale is moving slower but I realized it's been awhile since I've taken progress photos and holy cow, look at this! About 10 months, 30 pounds, more than a few hundred miles, tons of stress, a better routine, and clearer goals mark the differences between these two pictures!" – Kenna

This Instagram mom posts a picture from each workout with stats on her training session. This is a great way to monitor progress—through photos and clear figures. If you can look back and see that a month ago you lifted 20 pounds, and now you're lifting 30, the results are undeniable and you won't get discouraged.



Photo courtesy of Instagram, @mamabear.aly

"I personally am working towards losing the last little bit of my baby weight, and that doesn't mean I don't love myself and I feel like that's where people get lost. You can be both, you can do both. The important part is that while I work towards my goals I am KIND to myself and not putting myself down." – Aly Smith

Aly found her success through a transformation group and is now leading a group of her own, sharing stories and body confidence with others. Sometimes, it's hard to find the motivation to hit the gym solo, or to not eat that piece of cake when no one's watching. Whether it's joining a group or finding a friend to keep you on track, healthy goals can be more easily attainable when you share them with others.


Mary Bett

Photo courtesy of Instagram, @marybrettbratcher

Mary Bett's 'Gram is full of natural picks essential for a healthy and happy bod: lots of protein, veggies, and healthy fats like almond butter. When choosing good fats, they actually help your body lose weight and function properly by keeping you full, maximizing metabolism, protecting against heart disease, speeding nutrients through your body, and improving your fat-soluble vitamin uptake. Even though exercise is vital, weight loss won't happen without conscious eating.



Photo courtesy of Instagram, @vroths

"The left picture was from February 3rd and the right was April 7th at the end of the #60dayweightlosschallenge. I have been super hesitant to post this. Mainly because I'm showing skin and the picture on the left still makes me want to cry. But I'm making progress and off to a pretty good start to taking my life back." – Veronica Roths

As difficult as it can be to look back at old photos, it's important to see all the progress you've made. Veronica got serious about her workout, joining the 60-day weight loss challenge at Lifetime Fitness—coming in 1st place! She wakes up early, squeezing in gym time at 5am, and even exercises on her birthday. When working with her trainer, she mixes it up with pilates, rowing and weight machines. Don't be afraid to try new things at the gym, since each machine is going to work out different muscles for full-body toning.



Photo courtesy of Instagram, @paige_oxtoby

"Do it for the girl who thought she never could! Do it because you deserve it! Do it because you love yourself! Do it for the feeling 2 years later, when you look down and realize you've lost 30 pounds, and completely turned your life around. Today I feel AMAZING." – Paige Oxtoby

Page works out at home, showing proof that keeping a few sets of weights in the house can actually do wonders for those who don't have the time or money to hit the gym. As to her diet, she loves drinking Shakeology shakes in between well-balanced, primarily plant-based meals. When asking Lisa Jubilee MS, CDN about the drink, she said, "…any smoothie made with Shakeology powder functions as both a balanced meal and a multi-vitamin. It's also a phenomenal post-workout muscle recovery drink. It's my daily dose of dense nutrition."



Photo courtesy of Instagram, @grafka31

If you get easily bored at the gym, take advice from Kacie and hit the outdoors. While she incorporates some machines, the majority of her photos are taken outside, hiking. If you live somewhere that hiking is possible, taking advantage of the scenery can be a fun—and distracting—way to sneak in some exercise.



Photo courtesy of Instagram, @rie_summersR

Once you reach your goal, that doesn't mean it's time to cut up your gym card. Getting in shape is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix, taking long-term dedication. This Instagrammer's maintained her fit figure for years since her weight loss with steady, intense workouts.



Photo courtesy of Instagram, @laureltonesup

Laurel ate like a cavewoman and saw the pounds melt off. It's not as crazy as it might sound. The Paleo Diet focuses on eliminating historically recent foods that are bodies haven't adapted to eating, such as dairy and refined foods, focusing on what is foraged, scavenged, hunted or caught. Weight loss following this type of diet has been proven in studies, and it apparently also worked wonders for this Instagrammer.



Photo courtesy of Instagram, @krystalsfitjourney

"Sometimes I need to look back and find my reason to keep going and to keep pushing forward – not going to lie I was unmotivated for a little while but I am so happy to keep grinding [every day]." – Krystal Bowman

Krystal is another great example that you don't have to join a gym to get fit. With weights and a medicine ball, she's transformed her body in a matter of months. There's countless waist-whittling tools you can easily add into your everyday routine, too—and you don't even need to splurge on weights! Joseph Cintron, fitness instructor/personal trainer at Carillon Miami Beach says if you're working out at home, a mix of flexibility, resistance, and cardio are key. "These three aspects of fitness are a definite must," he says.

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