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5-Minute Exercises You Should Do After 40 To Regain Balance

Boost your balance and reduce your risk of falls.
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Loss of balance is a major concern when it comes to the risks associated with aging. As you enter your 40s, your balance tends to decline as you age if you do not put effort into maintaining it. The good news is that just a few simple exercises can drastically improve your balance and reduce your risk of falls. Performing 5 to 10 minutes of balance training two to three times a week can make a massive impact on your quality of life for decades. So we've rounded up the absolute best exercises to regain balance after 40.

The following are my five favorite exercises for training balance. Perform three of the following exercises for one minute, then rest and perform two to three rounds. Focus on control throughout each exercise, and avoid rushing through them. Start with the easier exercises and then swap them out for harder exercises as you progress.

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Walking Lunges

woman doing walking lunges outdoors

Walking lunges are a great way to transition static balance into functional movement.

To perform walking lunges, begin by taking a big step forward and lowering your hips by dropping your back knee toward the ground. As your knee approaches two to three inches off the ground, push off the front foot and take a big step forward with your back leg to enter directly into the next repetition. Repeat for the target time.

Single-Leg Stands

Single-leg stands are a simple way to train your static balance. Simply stand up straight, lift one foot and ankle up behind you, and balance on one foot for 30 seconds, then switch sides. To make the exercise more difficult, close your eyes.

Single-Leg Stands on Unstable Surface

fitness woman demonstrating balancing exercise on BOSU ball

If balancing on one leg on a firm surface becomes easy, you can add some instability into the mix. Place a foam pad, rolled-up yoga mat, or another instability device under your standing foot, and perform the single-leg balance as described above. You can also opt for a BOSU ball, as demonstrated above.

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Single-Leg Three-Way Touch

Next up in our exercises to regain balance after 40 is the single-leg three-way touch. Adding a three-way touch to your routine increases the difficulty of the single-leg balance and adds a dynamic component.

To perform these, balance on one leg as in the first two exercises. Then, with your non-balancing leg, reach your foot forward to gently tap the ground two to three feet in front of you. Do not put any weight on this foot. Do the same going laterally to the side. Then, do the same toward the rear, rotating your torso and hips 90 degrees as you step your foot backward. Repeat the cycle on each side for the target time.

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Step-Up to Balance

Step-up to balance is the hardest exercise in this balance routine. You will need a step or box one to two feet high.

To set up, stand in front of your box, and step one foot forward onto the box. Stand up on the box leg, but raise your other leg upward, bringing your knee and upper thigh to a horizontal position. Do not touch the non-box leg to the box. Balance for one to two seconds on one foot on the box, then step down with the non-box leg and then return to the starting position. Repeat on the same leg for 30 seconds, then switch legs.

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