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Accelerate Weight Loss With These Strength Training Exercises, Trainer Says

A fitness regimen has never been more efficient to get into shape.

Who doesn't love a speedy plan when it comes to achieving your fitness goals? That's why we spoke with Robyn Weisman, B.S. Exercise Physiology, an ACE certified personal trainer on Fyt about the best strength training exercises to do in order to accelerate weight loss. (For those of you who don't know, Fyt is the biggest personal training service in the nation that makes fitness under the expert guidance of an in-person or virtual, certified fitness professional convenient and accessible for everyone.) Weisman shares the strength training must-dos to meet (and exceed) your exercise goals in a speedy fashion. So whether you just started your weight loss journey or are in the middle of it, we have some scoop you'll want to hear.

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Leg Lifts

woman doing leg lift outside on sunny day on yoga mat

Weisman says leg lifts are such a solid strength training exercise to do if you want to lose weight. They target your inner thighs and lower abs, in addition to improving the strength of your hips.

You'll begin this exercise on your back. Make sure your legs are close to each other and out straight. Bring your legs up towards the sky until your butt and lower back are raised off the ground. Then, bring your legs back down to the ground, pausing just before they hit the ground. Hold that pose for a second, and then bring your legs back up to the sky.

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Pushup Isolations

man doing diamond pushup on turf

This exercise is an awesome way to hone in on specific upper body muscles once you have the standard pushup down pat. Weisman explains, "For example, a diamond pushup is an advanced pushup that isolates the triceps."

To begin, you'll get on all fours to form a "diamond shape" with your hands positioned below your chest. Bring your legs back to get into a proper plank. Weisman continues, "Brace your core and lower your body towards the ground while keeping your hands in a diamond shape. Lift your body back up into a plank to complete the exercise, and repeat."

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Up-Down Planks

man doing plank

Last but certainly not least comes the up-down planks, which will really work your core and arm muscles. You'll begin on all fours with your forearms on the floor in a classic elbow plank position. "Place your right hand onto the mat, straightening your elbow up, and repeat with your left hand until you are in a full plank," Weisman instructs. "Drop your right elbow to the mat, and repeat on the left side to return to an elbow plank. Repeat on both sides."

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