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The Best Way To Make Air Fryer Corn on the Cob

You can still make your favorite summer barbecue foods without an outdoor grill.

The dog days of summer are here—which means it's time for beaches, barbecues, and picnics. Whatever activity you choose, your day will hopefully be centered around some delicious foods. And whether you live in a city without access to a grill or it's just too hot to go outside, you can still enjoy your favorite summer foods—like hot dogs, burgers, ribs, wings, and corn on the cob—by popping them in the air fryer.

We talked with Kathy Brooks, owner of Circa Air Fryer, about her favorite air fryer corn recipe. You'll love how simple and delicious this recipe is. "Making corn on the cob in an air fryer is fantastic because it's quick and easy and results in deliciously juicy and slightly charred corn," says Brooks.

Read on to learn this simple, go-to recipe for air fryer corn on the cob. Then, check out these 11 Best Air Fryer Recipes for Weight Loss.

Gather your ingredients.

corn, butter, and seasonings on a countertop next to an air fryer
Courtesy of Samantha Boesch

Before air frying your corn, you'll want to grab the following ingredients. Brooks suggests these specific seasonings, but you can select your favorites from your kitchen cabinet. When choosing corn, Brooks says, "Fresh, sweet corn works best. You'll get the juiciest, sweetest results."


  • Fresh corn on the cob
  • Olive oil or melted butter
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Optional: garlic powder, paprika, or any of your favorite seasonings.

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Prepare the corn.

seasoned corn on the cob on a cutting board
Courtesy of Samantha Boesch
  1. Preheat your air fryer to 380 degrees Fahrenheit for 5 minutes.
  2. Brush each ear of corn with olive oil or melted butter. This will help the corn cook evenly and achieve a crispy texture.
  3. Season the corn with salt, pepper, and any additional seasonings you prefer.

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Cook the corn.

corn inside an air fryer
Courtesy of Samantha Boesch
  1. Place the corn in the air fryer basket in a single layer. Depending on the size of your basket, you may need to cut it in half if it doesn't fit comfortably.
  2. Cook for 12-15 minutes, turning the corn halfway through to ensure even cooking. When it's done, the corn should be slightly browned and tender.

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The final touches.

cooked corn on a plate
Courtesy of Samantha Boesch
  1. Once the corn is cooked, brush it with more melted butter if you'd like.
  2. Sprinkle with extra salt or your favorite finishing touches, such as grated Parmesan cheese, chopped herbs, or a squeeze of lime juice.
  3. To try different flavors and seasonings, consider using a spice blend like Cajun powder or chili powder or an herb mix like thyme and rosemary.

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Other ways of cooking air fryer corn on the cob.

corn inside an air fryer
Shutterstock/Salmy Saznira

This recipe is perfect for when you need a tasty, simple air fryer corn on the cob, but there are plenty of other ways to cook corn in your air fryer. A few of our other favorite methods for air-fried corn are from Rebecca Abbott and Jennifer West, founders of Air Frying Foodie and authors of Air Fryer All Day, such as their recipe for Air Fryer Corn Ribs and Air Fryer Mexican Street Corn.

So whether you need regular corn or the cob or something a bit more unique, like Mexican street corn, you can use your air fryer for amazing results.

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