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The Top 100 Pizza Places in America, According to Reviewers

The beloved pizzerias across the U.S. have garnered tons of rave reviews from customers.
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With a whopping 73,000 pizza businesses in the United States as of 2023, according to industry research firm IBISWorld, consumers have no shortage of options when they're craving a hot, cheesy pie. But if you only want to dine with the best of the best, a new report just revealed which pizzerias are the most beloved among Americans in 2024.

The review site Yelp has published a comprehensive list of the Top 100 Pizza Spots in the U.S., giving consumers an in-depth look at the best local pizzerias across the country. Yelp compiled the list by identifying various pizza restaurants on its platform and then ranking them using several factors, including the total volume of reviews and the number of five-star reviews written by members of the Yelp Elite Squad (reviewers who are recognized for going the extra mile with their reviews and photos on the site).

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America's highest-ranked pizza spot, at least according to the Yelp list, is an iconic Chicago deep-dish destination: Pequod's Pizza. The very first Pequod's opened in the Chicago suburb of Morton Grove in 1970 and drew an intense fan following for its massive pan pizzas with intensely caramelized crusts. That popularity eventually allowed Pequod's to expand to a second spot in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood in 1992.

Pequod's pizza
Photo: Pequod's Pizza Chicago / Facebook

To this day, Pequod's remains legendary among Chicago locals, tourists, and professional chefs. It's such a Windy City institution, in fact, that it has made multiple appearances on Hulu's popular Chicago-based show The Bear.

"Don't leave Chi-town without trying this pizza! You may just like it better than all the others. At least, I did!" one Yelp reviewer raved in December 2023.

The second-highest-ranked eatery on the new Yelp list, Bestia, takes a markedly different approach than Pequod's when making pizza. Rather than deep-dish, the Michelin-recognized Italian restaurant in Los Angeles specializes in wood-fired pizzas made from a dough that's fermented for three days to develop a sweet and slightly sour flavor. The ingredients that Bestia piles onto this special dough are also quite elevated. Think San Marzano tomatoes, fermented chilies, and aged balsamic.

Bestia Margherita Pizza
Andy M. / Yelp

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Customers are far from shy about sharing their love for Bestia's food on Yelp.

"From the ambiance to the food, this place is a 10/10! Everything we tried was absolutely delicious. The service was impeccable and very attentive," one reviewer wrote last month.

Even if you're not lucky enough to live near Pequod's or Bestia, the rest of the eateries featured on Yelp's list span all across the country, from New York City to Oahu, Hawaii. So, make sure to check out the full ranking if you'd like to discover any local gems that may be in your area!

Foodies on the hunt for even more highly-rated restaurants to try out in 2024 can also peruse Yelp's recently published list of the Top 100 Places to Eat in the U.S., many of which stand out for their affordability.

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