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5 Amazing Things Apples Do to Your Body

This is some juicy news!
bunch of apples

Snag a snack that's healthful to the core: an apple! Scientists at the University of Western Australia found that women who ate one small apple a day had a longer life expectancy than those who ate fewer than 15 apples a year. The study showed that eating an apple a day may reduce the risk of dying early by 35 percent. While apples are always in the grocery stores, fall is prime time to pick a peck of Honeycrisp, SweeTango, McIntosh, and Cortlands at a local orchard. You'll get a bushel of health benefits like below! For some kitchen inspiration on how to cook and eat 'em up, don't miss these Best Apple Recipes for Weight Loss!

1. Apples Flatten Your Belly

Apples fight obesity, which is why you should never peel them. A compound called ursolic acid—found in apple peels—is believed to increase muscle and brown fat, a good fat that ratchets up calorie burn.

2. Apples Lower Your Risk of Diabetes

The skin of a medium apple contains 4.4 grams of fiber, a significant dose that will stave off hunger pangs and help control high blood sugar. A study in BMJ linked eating whole fruits, particularly apples, to a lower risk of type 2 diabetes.

3. Apples Freshen Your Breath

Apples are nature's floss, sweeping food particles from your teeth and massaging your gums with every bite. Find out The 22 Best and Worst Foods for Your Breath to make sure no one is calling you "Dragon Breath" behind your back!

4. Apples Make You Crave a Cleaner Diet

Eating apples begets eating more produce if you have one just before grocery shopping. Researchers at Cornell University found that people who ate an apple sample before food shopping purchased 25 percent more fruits and vegetables than people who did not eat a sample.

5. Apples Boost Your Immune System

Powerful antioxidants in apples have been shown to protect against certain cancers and heart disease, boost immune system function, and improve symptoms of asthma and overall pulmonary health.