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The #1 Best Breakfast Habit for Weight Loss, Says Dietitian

You'll always have a healthy breakfast ready to go.

You've probably heard that starting your day off with a healthy breakfast is essential to any weight loss journey. Nonetheless, you may have also heard that skipping meals could be an easy way to drop those extra pounds too—but it's actually not.

In fact, the worst breakfast habit for weight loss is skipping or rushing through your first meal of the day. Not only will it be harder to lose weight if you decide to skip breakfast, but you'll also likely feel tired, hungry, and moody—definitely not the way to go for your overall health.

And yet, sometimes skipping a meal can happen when you don't have the time or energy to throw together a nutritious breakfast. That's why Lisa Moskovitz, RD, CEO of NY Nutrition Group, author of The Core 3 Healthy Eating Plan, and member of our medical expert board, claims that the best breakfast habit for weight loss is thinking ahead.

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"Prepping the night before can make it much easier to not miss this important time of the day," explains Moskovitz.

If you're not hungry right when you wake up or you don't have the time in the morning to put something together, you can rely on your evening prep to carry you through your morning. This way, instead of just drinking a cup of coffee and calling that breakfast, which won't help with your weight loss efforts, you can instead put together a healthy option that will set the stage for how you feel and what you choose to eat the rest of the day.

Not sure what to make that will last overnight in the fridge? Moskovitz suggests overnight oats, chia pudding, a smoothie, egg muffins, or a yogurt parfait.

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