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9 Best Frozen Desserts at Costco Right Now

Your local warehouse is stocked with icy summer treats, but act fast—some items won't last long!
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Summer temperatures call for frozen treats and Costco has plenty of them. No need to visit an ice cream shop when you can get some of the best ice cream at Costco, whether you choose an ice cream sandwich, novelty bar, or the coveted Kirkland Signature Super Premium Vanilla Ice Cream.

This time of year, Costco stocks a variety of great frozen treats that rival the ice cream man's. The selections may vary based on your location but you'll no doubt find something delicious, from sorbet and popsicles to chocolate-covered frozen fruit.

You'll want to act fast, though–many of these items are seasonal and won't last long. Here are nine frozen treats to snag immediately.

12 Costco Foods You're Crazy Not to Buy Right Now

Nestle Variety Pack

Drumstick 40-count variety pack at Costco

If you are having a bunch of friends or family over for a party this summer, we challenge you to find a better variety pack of ice cream. This 40-count box of individually wrapped Nestle frozen treats includes a heavy dose of nostalgia with ice cream sandwiches, cookie-dipped bars, and a variety of Drumstick flavors. There's not a bad pick in the box, and for $16.99 at Costco, you can't go wrong. 

Trü Frü Chocolate Strawberries

tru fru milk chocolate covered strawberries
Photo: Instacart

Sometimes you want a little bite of dessert and not something overly decadent. These Tru Fru-brand frozen chocolate strawberries use clean ingredientsstrawberries frozen at peak ripeness, milk chocolate, and white chocolate. You won't find any additives here. Plus, they are only 90 calories for three pieces. Costco offers them in a 20-ounce bag for $10.99 at the warehouse. We have a feeling these won't last in your freezer for very long.

Island Way Sorbet Assortment

Island Way Sorbet at Costco
Photo: Chris Shott / Eat This, Not That!

These handmade fruit sorbets make the perfect dessert for a dinner party, served in pretty and natural fruit shells. Choose from coconut, berry and grapefruit, mango or pomegranate, although the coconut seems to be most coveted among fans on Reddit. They are gluten free and non-GMO too. There's a touch of cream so they aren't dairy free like many other sorbets. The box will cost you $14.99 for 12 at the warehouse.

Jonny Pops Organic Watermelon Pops

Jonny Pops Organic Watermelon Pops

There are few things more refreshing than watermelon on a hot summer day and these ice pops from Jonny Pops work perfectly on a day you want something just a little sweeter than a slice. These dairy-free organic ice pops look like a watermelon on a stick with pink, white and green. An 18-count box will cost you $11.99 at the warehouse.

Afters Cookie Monster Ice Cream Pops

Afters Cookie Monster Ice Cream Bars at Costco

People are freaking out on Reddit when they find out Costco is selling these Cookie Monster ice cream pops from famed California-based ice cream purveyor Afters. Although these blue Madagascar vanilla pops, filled with cookie dough and sandwich cookies, may only be available on the West Coast currently, you'll want to snag them wherever you see them. According to Costco Hidden Gems, the pops are $14.79 for 10 bars at the store.

Helados México Paleta De Crema

Helados México Paleta De Crema
Courtesy of Helados México

Helados México crafts these delicious, traditional paletas—a popular style of ice pops in Mexico and other Latin American countriesusing nothing but real fruit, cane sugar, and cream. The 24-count box includes strawberry, mango, and coconut bars for $11.99.

Mad Mini's Ice Cream Sandwiches 

Mad Mini's Ice Cream Sandwiches
Mad Minis Foods

These 60-calorie mini vanilla ice cream sandwiches from Mad Mini Foods are a kid-friendly summer treat and a great option for adults when you just want a little sweet treat with only five grams of sugar. You can get a box of 36 snack-sized cookie ice cream sandwiches at the warehouse for $11.99.

Häagen-Dazs Vanilla Milk Chocolate Almond Ice Cream Bars

Haagen Dazs Vanilla Almond Bars

Häagen-Dazs has long been a fan favorite for its rich and decadent ice cream selections. These ice cream bars don't disappoint. Vanilla ice cream is enrobed in milk chocolate with chopped almonds for a classic frozen treat. Grab a box of 15 for $12.99 at your local warehouse.

Deebees Organics Superfruit Organic Freezie Pops

DeeBees Organics Freezer Pops
Courtesy of DeeBee's Organics

You won't find these in the freezer aisle at Costco, but rather where the summer snacks are. Think of them like Fla-vor-ice but without all of the artificial colors and flavors. These superfruit organic pops are filled with organic ingredients that include fruit purées and juices. Keep a bag on hand to pop in your freezer. For $9.99, the bag includes 35 freezie pops in strawberry lemon, mango orange, and blueberry pomegranate.

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