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The #1 Best Drink for Your Liver After 40, Says Dietitian

With this drink you can pack a ton of fruits and vegetables into one sip.
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Your body undergoes many changes as you age, and this includes your liver health. In fact, because of the decreasing volume of liver cells and other liver-related changes that occur with each passing year, your risk for certain liver diseases may increase over time.

To combat these age-related changes, it's important to eat foods and consume beverages that can help promote healthier and better-functioning organs in your body.

To find out more about the drinks that can help your liver, we talked with Morgyn Clair, MS, RDN, author at Fit Healthy Momma. And according to Clair, the best drink for your liver health is green vegetable juice.

Here's how green juice can help your liver, and for more tips on having a healthy liver, make sure to check out The Best Supplements for Your Liver.

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"Because the body already naturally detoxifies itself through the liver, kidneys, and other natural mechanisms, the best advice I have to offer is to support those systems in a healthy way," says Clair.

One way to support liver health is through leafy green vegetables, which can be added to make a green juice or smoothie.

"With a green-veggie-rich smoothie or juice, the natural detox processes can work optimally and the liver stays in top shape," says Clair. "My favorite choice is a spinach and apple smoothie because it tastes great and offers some filling fiber too."

A report detailing the effects of vegetables on liver health says that green leaves are some of the best for your liver function. Vegetables like kale, which are commonly found in green juice, are known to help lower cholesterol and fat levels.

Citrus fruits like lemon were also found to help decrease overall liver damage, so adding some fresh lemon to your green juice or smoothie can help immensely.

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