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11 Quick & Easy Keto Cookie Recipes

No matter what kind of keto cookie monster you are, we've got you covered!
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When we set out to bring you the easiest and yummiest keto cookie recipes, we wanted to make sure all our bases were covered. From fat bombs to flavor bombs, and everything in between, these are our 11 best keto cookie recipes.

Keto baking may sound like a lot of work because you are using alternative flours and sugars, and swapping out other ingredients that are high in carbohydrates with their low-carb substitutes. However, once you fill your pantry with keto-friendly baking ingredients (and once you realize that cream cheese is your best friend) you'll be able to whip up any of these cookies at the drop of a hat, sometimes with less effort than you'd put into a regular cookie recipe.

So what are you waiting for? Get baking!

No-Bake Keto Cookie Dough

Keto no-bake cookie dough balls
Beth Lipton

These no-bake keto chocolate chip "cookies" are basically melt-in-your-mouth cookie dough fat bombs. They are soft and scrumptious and sure to please anyone on the keto diet once the sweet cravings hit.

Get our recipe for No-Bake Keto Cookie Dough.

Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies

keto chocolate chip cookies
Beth Lipton / Eat This, Not That!

If you want a keto cookie so close to the classic chocolate chip cookie that your family and friends won't believe it's actually keto, this is the only recipe you need. Being keto never tasted so good!

Get our recipe for Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Keto Cream Cheese Cookies

keto cream cheese cookies on parchment paper
Beth Lipton

Anyone on the keto wagon knows that cream cheese truly is the magic ingredient when it comes to keto baking. If you want to indulge in the dessert power of cream cheese in its purest keto form, this recipe will become your go-to!

Get our recipe for Keto Cream Cheese Cookies.

Keto Peanut Butter Cookies

keto peanut butter cookies
Beth Lipton / Eat This, Not That!

With only four ingredients and a cupful of peanut butter, these might just be the easiest keto cookies to make if you're looking for a high-fat, no-nonsense treat.

Get our recipe for Keto Peanut Butter Cookies.

Keto Coconut Cookies

keto triple coconut cookies with chocolate drizzle
Beth Lipton

Calling all keto coconut lovers. If coconut is the flavor that gets you weak in the knees, you'll love these triple-coconut chocolate-drizzled treats.

Get our recipe for Keto Coconut Cookies

Keto Pumpkin Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting

keto pumpkin cookies cream cheese frosting on cooling rack
Beth Lipton

These autumnal pumpkin-flavored cookies are frosted with a scrumptious cream cheese frosting so indulgent, you won't believe you're still in ketosis!

Get our recipe for Keto Pumpkin Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting

These are the easy, at-home recipes that help you lose weight.

Keto Lemon Cookies with Lemon Frosting

keto iced lemon cookies
Beth Lipton/Eat This, Not That!

Lemon cookies spread that beautiful citrusy scent all over the house while they're in the oven. This indulgent keto version doesn't skimp on flavor or the cream cheese frosting.

Get our recipe for Keto Lemon Cookies with Lemon Frosting

Keto "Oatmeal" Cookies

keto oatmeal cookies in bowl
Beth Lipton

No, you won't find any oats in these keto "oatmeal" cookies, but you'll find other delicious and healthy ingredients that give this cookie a beautiful texture—flax meal, shredded coconut, and flax seeds.

Get our recipe for Keto "Oatmeal" Cookies.

Keto Almond Cookies

keto amaretti cookies
Beth Lipton

This keto version of the beloved Italian amaretti cookie (almond cookie) pairs beautifully with a cup of coffee or espresso for an indulgence that'll power your afternoon.

Get our recipe for Keto Almond Cookies

Keto Shortbread

keto shortbread cookies on cooling rack
Beth Lipton/Eat This, Not That!

This melt-in-your-mouth keto shortbread is buttery, crumbly, and everything a shortbread should be. It's also the perfect make-ahead keto bake.

Get our recipe for Keto Shortbread Cookies.

Keto Meringues

keto meringues on white plate
Beth Lipton

Meringues might not be the first dessert that comes to mind when you're looking for a keto indulgence, but give them a try and impress your party guests with this light keto version. Or go all out and make a whole pavlova!

Get our recipe for Keto Meringue Cookies

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