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The Best Milkshake in Every State

Now all you need is a burger to pair with it.

Nothing caps a meal off or cools you down like a milkshake. Everyone loves these frosty treats, but finding the very best one in your region can take years of scouring ice cream shops and restaurants.

But we've done the hard work for you and assembled the master list of milkshake establishments that warrant a visit, even if you live across the state.

Methodology: This is an all-time list of the best places for a milkshake in the United States, according to Yelp. The company identified businesses in the restaurants and food categories with a large concentration of reviews mentioning "milkshake," then ranked those spots using a number of factors including the total volume and ratings of reviews mentioning "milkshake."

Whether you want to escape high temperatures and chill out or you want to share a romantic dessert with a loved one, these milkshake establishments deserve a place on your bucket list.

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ALABAMA: Candy Express Kollasal Milkshake at K & J's Elegant Pastries in Alabaster

alabama kjs elegant pastries
K & J's Elegant Pastries/ Yelp

For a milkshake that deserves a second, third, or eleventh try, K & J's Elegant Pastries delivers a dairy experience that leaves you floored. These works of art range through every flavor you can imagine, so if you wanted shakes that range from cotton candy to banana pudding, this shop warrants a visit. Next time the craving strikes, make Alabaster your next milkshake destination.

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ALASKA: Oreo Milkshake at Lucky Wishbone in Anchorage

alaska lucky wishbone
Caleb A./Yelp

Even in the most brutal Arctic conditions, you can't escape a good milkshake craving. When you have to brave the weather for a creamy shake, Anchorage's Lucky Wishbone makes any journey through the elements worth it. This chicken shack carries more than 40 flavors of frosty treats, offering up a particularly mean Oreo milkshake and a frozen strawberry milkshake. If you find yourself in the frozen north, do yourself a favor and stop on in.

ARIZONA: Lucky Charms Milkshake at Paradise Valley Burger Company in Phoenix

arizona paradise valley burger company
Layne D./Yelp

Nothing cools you down like a milkshake, and with the high in Phoenix, stopping in at Paradise Valley Burger Company for a frosty shake should be a top priority. Whether you want a classic chocolate milkshake or a radical Lucky Charms shake, no restaurant can compete. Next time you need to escape the heat, grab one of these signature desserts.

ARKANSAS: Oreo Milkshake at Big Orange in Little Rock

arkansas big orange
River W./Yelp

Big Orange raises the bar when it comes to delivering the best milkshake in all of Arkansas. Their take on a strawberry or Oreo milkshake draws you in and hooks your sweet tooth for life. If you love whipped cream, this may be your new favorite spot—each shake gets topped with a mountain of luscious cream that completes any milkshake experience.

CALIFORNIA: Strawberry Butterscotch at Great Shakes in Palm Springs

california great shakes
Christopher G./Yelp

For the number-one shake in all of California, look no further than Palm Springs' Great Shakes, an establishment that truly lives up to its name. Great Shakes rests its reputation on doling out the best milkshakes you have ever tried, and they do not disappoint. Classic flavors intermingle with options like key lime pie and cookie butter, guaranteeing the optimal slurpable experience for any palate. Whether you come through the area on a road trip or just want the best milkshake experience in California, make it a priority to try what Great Shakes has to offer.

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COLORADO: Chocolate Milkshake at Park Burger in Denver

colorado park burger
Tun Yee Y./Yelp

This burger joint not only dishes out great burgers, but they now hold the crown for the number one shake in all of Colorado. Their flavors stick to a tried and true combo of chocolate, vanilla, fresh strawberry, Heath bar, and cookies & cream, but Park Burger's Platt Park location serves these classics up to their finest abilities. Make sure to try each flavor!

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CONNECTICUT: Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake at Shady Glen Dairy Stores in Manchester

connecticut shady glen dairy stores
Jeff H./Yelp

For generous portions and top-notch shakes, nothing comes close to perfection like Manchester's Shady Glen Dairy Stores. This fine eatery lives up to its name and delivers ice cream treats like no other, and their milkshakes reach a zenith no other business in Connecticut can compete with. Try the classic flavors or opt for their special peanut butter version to get everything out of this local eatery.

DELAWARE: Chocolate Malt Milkshake at Charcoal Pit in Wilmington

milkshake from charcoal pit in delaware
Karne N./Yelp

What pairs better with a burger than a milkshake? Charcoal Pit has found the perfect meal combo and can truly show off their top shakes. No trip to Wilmington would be complete without dropping in to try these concoctions.

"Such amazing food! The chocolate malt milkshake was the best milkshake I've had in years," one Yelp reviewer wrote. "The service is fast and friendly. Will absolutely come here the next time we are in Delaware!"

FLORIDA: Strawberry Shake at Parkesdale Farm Market in Plant City

florida parkside market
David L./Yelp

If you visit Plant City, you can expect to try some of the freshest strawberries in the United States. A trip to the Parkesdale Farm Market wouldn't feel right without indulging in some of this local produce, and no one makes a strawberry milkshake, like this fine establishment does. For those hot Florida days, nothing beats fresh strawberries whipped up in cold ice cream.

GEORGIA: Strawberry Shake at Leopold's Ice Cream in Savannah

georgia leopolds ice cream
Laura T./Yelp

Georgia hosts countless ice cream shops, but Savannah's Leopold's Ice Cream takes the cake when it comes to serving up the very best milkshake in the state. Their old-fashioned, thick shakes keep you coming back from more and can top off any night out. For a good time, no trip to this historic city could be complete without trying this classic dessert.

HAWAII: Kono's Mud Pie at Kono's in Kailua

hawaii konos
Mike J./Yelp

You haven't lived until you have slurped a cold milkshake on the beach. Kono's helps you do just that, as their famous milkshakes make the perfect complement to lounging in tropical weather. Make sure to try their old-fashioned strawberry milkshakes, the best this eatery has to offer. If you feel ambitious, they host a wide shake menu to pick and choose from, warranting multiple trips back.

IDAHO: Huckleberry Milkshake at My Father's Place in McCall

idaho my fathers place
Hannah W./Yelp

This Americana staple has established itself in McCall not only for their food—any visit would not feel complete without trying their signature huckleberry milkshake. This tart take on a classic shake makes you wonder where it has been all of your life. Don't let the opportunity to visit My Father's Place slip by next time you pass through town or you'll miss the best shake experience Idaho has to offer.

ILLINOIS: Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake at The Chicago Diner in Chicago

illinois chicago diner
James F./Yelp

Everyone knows you can get some of the best milkshakes in diners, and The Chicago Diner has mastered the formula for providing one of the best shakes you have ever had. The most impressive aspect is that the entire menu features a hefty variety of vegan options, including their shakes. This eatery makes you forget the lack of dairy by serving up chocolate and peanut butter shakes that leave you converted. After trying one of these creations, you have to go back for more.

INDIANA: Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Shake at TeeJay's Sweet Tooth in Indianapolis

indiana teejays sweet tooth

TeeJay's Sweet Tooth knows what the people want, and they serve up a milkshake just how you like it. These shakes definitely measure up, as you can load up each drink with cookie rimmed cups, extra syrup on the bottom, and can choose any flavor combination you could possibly want. For a thick milkshake that exceeds expectations, you have to come in and try these.

IOWA: Vanilla Shake at Canteen Lunch in the Alley in Ottumwa

iowa canteen lunch
Jill T./Yelp

This diner's mouthful of a name isn't the only thing that makes this fantastic eatery stand out in Ottumwa. Their amazing shakes go well with their rich meals and easily top off any visit. Don't forget to order a burger to get the most out of this dining experience!

KANSAS: Caramel Shake at BRGR Kitchen + Bar in Prairie Village

kansas brgr kitchen
Melissa S./Yelp

In recent years, boozy shakes have begun to pop up more and more on menus, and BRGR Kitchen + Bar runs with the idea. Their hard grasshopper shakes live up to the hype and provide a fun option for an after-dinner treat or as a shareable date night dessert.

KENTUCKY: Orange Cake Shake at Dairy Kastle in Louisville

kentucky dairy kastle
Bryan A./Yelp

For one of the best milkshake experiences you've ever had, Dairy Kastle should top your ice cream bucket lists if you find yourself in Kentucky. Concoctions like the orange cake shake or classic Oreo milkshake are second to none. With so many flavors to choose from, it takes a long time before you ever tire of trying out everything Dairy Kastle has to offer.

LOUISIANA: Caramel Shake at Milk Bar in New Orleans

louisiana milk bar
Kelsey H./Yelp

A trip to the Big Easy wouldn't feel complete without a trip to this sandwich shop that serves up the best milkshakes in all of Louisiana. When the heat and humidity get you down, each one of their classic flavors not only helps you forget the temperature but can bring you right back to childhood. When you want to sit back and relax, make sure to grab one of these treats.

MAINE: The Original Duckfat Milkshake at Duckfat in Portland

maine duckfat
Adara A./Yelp

For the richest milkshake in the state of Maine, nothing competes with Duckfat's signature shakes. These stick-to-your-rib treats help make any meal special or offer up the best date night dessert to split. The "original" vanilla bean shake topped with a mountain of whipped cream should be your new go-to next time you drop in.

MARYLAND: Taro Shake at Bubble Tea Café in Rockville

maryland bubble tea cafe
Kristen B./Yelp

Bubble tea swept the United States by storm when it first arrived from Taiwan years ago. Since then, these tapioca ball delights have graced cafes across the country, and some restaurants have expanded their bubble tea formulas to include shakes and smoothies. Bubble Tea Cafe found the perfect marriage of boba and ice cream and serves up a selection of icy drinks like no one else. For a unique milkshake experience, make the drive out to Rockville for an experience you won't soon forget.

MASSACHUSETTS: Vanilla Zebra Shake at Veggie Galaxy in Cambridge

massachusetts veggie galaxy
Hardy L./Yelp

Nothing makes you feel good like eating at this all-vegetarian, sometimes vegan eatery in the middle of Cambridge. All their milkshakes come concocted with a vegan ice cream base that might make you change your whole view on these frosty treats. This refreshing change is sure to inspire you to try each flavor—you'll want to keep coming back for more.

MICHIGAN: Passion Fruit Batido Shake at Frita Batidos in Ann Arbor

michigan frita batidos
Sandy K./Yelp

Frita Batidos serves up some of the finest Cuban cuisines in Michigan. And by perfecting their passion fruit batido shake, this restaurant can confidently claim to host the best milkshakes in all of the state. The tropical, tart flavors of this fruit shake should have you coming back for seconds and makes all other shakes pale in comparison.

MINNESOTA: Boysenberry Milkshake IPA at Dangerous Man Brewing Company in Minneapolis

minnesota dangerous man brewing company
Gary N./Yelp

Dangerous Man makes some delicious beers like peanut butter porter that just beg to be desserts, so making the jump straight to shakes seems like a no-brainer. They perfect the best complements to their adult beverages by offering up boysenberry milkshake IPAs alongside peach blueberry cobbler milkshakes. For an unhinged good time, this brewery needs to be on your radar next time you feel a milkshake craving strike!

MISSISSIPPI: Cap'n Crunch Shake at Fine & Dandy in Jackson

mississippi fine dandy
Fine & Dandy/Yelp

This beloved gastropub dishes out the best shakes you could ever dream of in Mississippi. You could order a classic vanilla shake here, but if you have the option, why not try their signature Cap'n Crunk shake? This combo of Hennessy, butterscotch, and Cap'nCrunch cereal turns your idea of what a milkshake is on its head. Try this gastronomic treasure next time you pass through.

MISSOURI: Chocolate Shake at Sugarfire Smoke House in Saint Louis

missouri sugarfire smoke house
Laura M./Yelp

Nothing cuts through barbecue like ice cream, and Sugarfire Smoke House has found the best methods to make a milkshake that have the people clamoring for more. This eatery doesn't hold back, serving up the thickest pie shakes you could ever imagine, making sure you leave each meal stuffed. If you feel especially brave, you can add in some alcohol to spike any of the milkshakes for an extra exciting experience.

MONTANA: Strawberry Balsamic Shake at The Burger Dive in Billings

montana burger dive
Steve W./Yelp

Burgers and shakes go together like cookies and milk, and Billings' The Burger Dive has figured out the perfect pairings to make them a people's choice when it comes to delivering the best shake. Refined takes like the strawberry balsamic shake or the huckleberry and goat cheese shake push the limits in the best possible directions. For an unforgettable milkshake experience, nothing else compares to this restaurant's offerings.

NEBRASKA: Oreo Milkshake at The Hunger Block in Omaha

nebraska hunger block
Sarah M./Yelp

The Hunger Block has some of the best Latin American food in Omaha, and it has the best milkshake in Nebraska, too. Their monster shakes come loaded with toppings like donuts, brownies, caramel syrup, and more, precariously balanced on top of each glass. This dessert could stand as a meal in itself, so just make sure to bring your appetite!

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Mint Oreo Shake at Lexie's Joint in Portsmouth

new hampshire lexies joint
Aaron R./Yelp

Nothing complements a meal like a milkshake, and these shakes are the perfect way to top off any offering at Lexie's Joint. Whether you want a mint Oreo shake or a plain vanilla version, you can't go wrong. If you stop in, make sure to order one of these people pleasers.

NEW JERSEY: Caramel Shake at Tops Diner in East Newark

new jersey tops diner
Gemma B./Yelp

For a diner that serves up whatever your heart desires, Top's has you covered. If you really want to experience the best that this little eatery has to offer, you have to try their rich and creamy shakes. Anyone who has tried one can swear they set the bar in New Jersey and one trip isn't enough to fully enjoy them.

NEW MEXICO: "Owl"rageous Banana Split Shake at The Owl Cafe in Albuquerque

new mexico owl cafe
Ravo Y./Yelp

In a state known for spicy Southwestern flavors, a milkshake spot that can take the heat off seems like a necessity in every town. The Owl Cafe comes in at number one with massive, shareable shakes that run the gamut of traditional flavors. These thick and creamy concoctions help beat the heat and keep you cool whenever you need to sit back and relax.

NEW YORK: Cinnamon Toast Crunch Shake at Milk and Cream Cereal Bar in New York

new york milk and cream cereal bar
Amber C./Yelp

Milk and cereal fit together so well, but why hasn't anyone paired the two into a milkshake? Milk and Cream Cereal Bar tackles that very question by offering up milkshake versions of all your favorite cereals. If you ever wanted to try a Cinnamon Toast Crunch shake or a Froot Loop shake, this very establishment knows how to win you over.

NEVADA: Maple Bacon Shake at Beefy's in Reno

nevada beefys
Taylor R./Yelp

This burger joint doesn't just serve up burgers. When you want a milkshake, this eatery shouldn't be forgotten—there are classic flavors as well as signature flavors like their maple bacon shake, making them a prime contender for anyone searching out a frosty dairy treat. With so many flavors of shakes on their menu, a second trip is definitely recommended.

NORTH CAROLINA: Flavor of the Month at Corbett's Burger and Soda Bar in Cary

vanilla milkshake with burger and fries
Jeremy L./Yelp

A milkshake can make any meal better, and Corbett's Burger and Soda bar offers up wholesome takes on this classic. With rotating options that include most candies and ice cream flavors, you can't go wrong with any choice of shake here. Whether you need a drink with your burger or just want a nice dessert, Corbett's can fill the milkshake-shaped hole in your life.

NORTH DAKOTA: Vanilla Shake at Kroll's Diner in Minot

north dakota krolls diner
Jenny L./Yelp

This diner keeps things simple and straightforward with their milkshakes, making them a surefire favorite for best shake in North Dakota. These rich, old-fashioned standards pair well with any of their fare and can stand alone if you just want to take a load off and enjoy some of their creamy goodness. Just make sure to bring a friend, as it can take a while to finish one of these shakes by yourself!

OHIO: Hot Fudge Shake at Swensons Drive-In in Montrose

swensons drive in ohio
Swensons Drive In/Yelp

Nothing says "American Classic" like ordering a milkshake at a drive-in, and Swenson's Montrose location boils down this sentiment to serve up the best shake in Ohio. Whether you stop by on your next road trip or just want to drop in to experience the best shake in Ohio, you need to try this shake.

OKLAHOMA: Strawberry Shake at Tucker's Onion Burgers in Oklahoma City

oklahoma tuckers onion burgers
Jeromy L./Yelp

For a thick shake that can hold its own against any burger, Tucker's Onion Burgers serves up the best frosty treat you can hope to find in all of Oklahoma. Customers have been slurping up rich chocolate and vanilla shakes for years here, and for good reason. When you perfect a classic, nothing else can come close.

OREGON: Huckleberry Shake at Jasper's Cafe in Medford

oregon jaspers cafe
April R./Yelp

Ordering a chocolate or vanilla shake can eventually get tiring. Why not go off the beaten path with a cherry/huckleberry milkshake people cheer for? Medford's Jasper's Cafe has served up this classic and more since opening and has won customers over with its uniquely flavored shakes. For the ultimate dessert experience, you have to come in and try what this cafe is serving up.

PENNSYLVANIA: Black and White Egg Cream Shake at Joe's Steaks + Soda Shop in Philadelphia

chocolate milkshake topped with whipped cream
Jackie W./Yelp

Classic Americana restaurants produce some of the best shakes, and Joe's Steaks + Soda Shop proves this point by serving up the best milkshakes in all of Pennsylvania. Their banana shake deserves a taste, as does their black and white egg cream shake. If these don't curb your dairy cravings, nothing will.

RHODE ISLAND: Chocolate Chip Cookie Milkshake at Crazy Burger Cafe and Juice Bar in Narragansett

rhode island crazy burger cafe
Mike D./Yelp

Have you ever wanted a chocolate chip cookie milkshake that could change your life? Crazy Burger Cafe and Juice Bar serves up this dream that has won them the honor of serving up the best shake in Rhode Island. Next time you want to have the perfect burger and shake pairing, or just crave a super thick shake, this destination won't let you down.

SOUTH CAROLINA: White Russian Shake at Sesame Burgers and Beer in North Charleston

south carolina sesame burgers beers
Annamaria G./Yelp

Who doesn't love a good milkshake to go along with their burger? This burger joint knows how to serve up some ultimate shakes with a boozy touch. To see where this selection of adult milkshakes shine, you have to check out the White Russian shake, which you will be tempted to copy at home after one sip. These offerings square up as full desserts, so make sure to leave room to enjoy one after dinner.

SOUTH DAKOTA: Heath Bar Shake at Phillips Avenue Diner in Sioux Falls

south dakota phillips avenue diner
Christina M./Yelp

What diner could call themself complete without offering some great takes on old-fashioned milkshakes? Phillips Avenue Diner offers up classic shakes ready to share between you and a friend that fill you up and hit the right spots. Eating here without partaking in one of these ultimate shakes should be a crime.

TENNESSEE: Salted Caramel Shake at Burger Republic in Nashville

tennessee burger republic

If you love boozy shakes or classic milkshakes, why should you have to choose between the two? Burger Republic makes finding the right milkshake for your mood easy by offering up classic takes on shakes that range from vanilla to salted caramel, with the option of spiking any shake. For rich shakes that fit any occasion, let Burger Republic become your one-stop shake spot.

TEXAS: Cookie Hopper Milkshake at Chill… The Milkshake Bar in Spring

texas chill
Heather M./Yelp

Chill… The Milkshake Bar stakes its reputation on whipping up the ultimate milkshakes that can please anyone. Their dedication has paid off and garnered them the title of best milkshake in the state of Texas. When you want a shake in a friendly environment made with the best quality ice cream and in any flavor you can imagine, you know you came to the right place.

UTAH: Urban Campfire Shake at Chedda Burger in Salt Lake City

utah chedda burger
Chedda Burger/Yelp

How could you enjoy a burger without a great shake? Chedda Burger takes that question to heart and serves up some of the best old-fashioned milkshakes you ever had in your life. Try the Urban Campfire Shake to taste what you have been missing out on and you know you'll come back for another milkshake expedition.

VERMONT: Chocolate Mudslide Milkshake at Doc Ponds in Stowe

vermont doc ponds
Amy K./Yelp

Doc Ponds should be your next top choice for a milkshake when you find yourself in Vermont. This restaurant treats you to American staples and serves your meal up with a winning milkshake that will make you consider ordering another. Save some room after dinner, as this thick creation deserves extra time and stomach space to enjoy.

VIRGINIA: Fruity Pebbles Shake at Beauvine Burger Concept in Richmond

virginia beauvine burger
Kimberly M./Yelp

For your next milkshake expedition, stop into Richmond's Beauvine Burger Concept for a shake that knocks your socks off. For the ultimate variety of flavors, nothing tops this locale. If you ever wanted to try fruity pebbles, peach, caramel maple, and more flavors as shakes, make this restaurant your next stop.

WASHINGTON: Super Dank Milkshake at Canna Cabana Subs and Shakes in Lacey

washington canna cabana subs
Canna Cabana Subs & Shakes/ Yelp

Everybody loves a good milkshake with their sandwich, and Lacey's Canna Cabana delivers what the people want. With fun flavors that range from the Super Dank to the Pineapple Express, you won't feel let down with whichever shake strikes your fancy. With so many extra-thick shakes on the menu, this is one place you'll want to visit again and again.

WEST VIRGINIA: Root Beer Float at Midway West Drive-In in Huntington

west virginia midway west drive-in
Travis M./Yelp

No Drive-In could consider itself complete without offering up a great shake, and luckily, Midway West Drive-In pulls through with a top-notch shake that raises the bar for this dairy treat in West Virginia. These hand-spun shakes can take you back to childhood with one sip, leaving little doubt as to how they grew to such popularity.

WISCONSIN: Peach Milkshake at Eagle Park Brewing in Milwaukee

wisconsin eagle park brewing
Emily S./Yelp

Whether you want to indulge in a milkshake IPA or a classic peach milkshake, Eagle Park Brewing has you covered. This beer hotspot not only serves up some of the best drinks in Milwaukee, but their shakes are also out of this world. For a fun night out, no other milkshake joint can compete.

WYOMING: Oreo Milkshake at Liberty Burger in Jackson

wyoming liberty burger
Chantal H./Yelp

What goes better with a burger than a milkshake? This rich pairing puts Liberty Burger on the map, topping their menu out with the best shakes in all of Jackson. For a classic old-fashioned treat, you can't go wrong here. Stop on in to send your taste buds on a journey you won't soon forget!

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