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7 Best New Ice Cream Treats in the Freezer Aisle

Kick off your summer with these frozen finds!
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As the weather heats up, the need to cool down with an ice-cold treat will become ever-so-present. Luckily, that's nothing a grocery store trip can't fix.

When perusing the frozen dessert aisle, you're bound to encounter an abundance of ice cream options geared toward all sorts of flavor preferences and dietary restrictions—and the sector only continues to grow. Fortune Business Insights projects that the global ice cream market will reach $104.96 billion in 2029, which is nearly 47% higher than the $71.52 billion earned in 2021.

While the industry expands, food retailers have been churning out various new ice cream products that can be purchased at supermarkets. From gallons and pints to sandwiches and bars, here's a look at seven new ice cream varieties now occupying grocery store freezers.

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Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Sammie

ben & jerry's ice cream sammie flavor
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After gracing ice cream trucks for years, the humble ice cream sandwich has reinvented itself with a scoopable flavor. At the beginning of May, Vermont-based ice cream company Ben & Jerry's unveiled its latest flavor—Ice Cream Sammie—which consists of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sandwich cookies and chocolate cookie swirls.

This flavor, which first appeared for a limited time at Walmart in 2019, will only be available over the summer, so be sure to snag a pint (or two) before it leaves the shelves!

Entenmann's Ice Cream Sandwiches

entenmann's ice cream sandwiches
Courtesy of Entenmann's

If you're looking for actual ice cream sandwiches, Entenmann's recently introduced a new line of them, inspired by the company's popular baked goods. We're talking cookies, brownies, and donuts. Now sold at Walmart stores nationwide, the lineup includes the following options:

  • Brownie Cookie Salted Caramel Ice Cream Sandwiches
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches
  • Chocolate Chip & Brownie Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches
  • Chocolatey Glazed Cookie Donut Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwiches
  • Chocolatey Glazed Cookie Donut Salted Caramel Ice Cream Sandwiches
  • Glazed Cookie Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches

Blue Bell Dr Pepper Float Ice Cream

blue bell dr pepper float ice cream
Courtesy of Blue Bell

This classic frozen drink recently made its way into the ice cream aisle. Last month, Blue Bell and Dr Pepper teamed up to release their own spin on the beloved root beer float. Available in 23 states where Blue Bell ice cream is sold, Dr Pepper Float features vanilla ice cream swirled with Dr Pepper-flavored sherbet. The new ice cream flavor will be sold in both pint and half-gallon sizes through 2024, according to a press release from the brands.

Bubbies Mocha Chip Mochi

bubbies mocha chip mochi
Courtesy of Bubbies

Known for its mochis, Bubbies recently launched a brand-new flavor: Mocha Chip. The frozen dessert is made with super-premium coffee ice cream infused with a Hawaiian Kona Coffee blend, chocolate chips, and chocolate mochi dough.

Like Bubbies' other products, the Mocha Chip Mochi is gluten-free, non-GMO, and free of rBST (artificial growth hormone). Customers can purchase a six-count box of the new mochi flavor at Whole Foods, ShopRite, Dave's Marketplace, Roche Brothers, Wegmans, Harmons, and select Wakefern stores for a suggested retail price of $5.99-$6.99.

Hudsonville Ice Cream Bars

hudsonville ice cream bars
Courtesy of Hudsonville Ice Cream

Founded in 1926, Michigan-based Hudsonville Ice Cream offers a wide array of ice cream flavors sold all over the country. And the brand has now ventured into novelty ice cream space with the launch of three new ice cream bars, which come in a pack of four for a suggested price of $4.88-$5.49 at select retailers nationwide.

The flavors include Strawberry Shortcake, which is made with strawberry ice cream, yellow cake pieces, and a white chocolate coating; Vanilla Milk Chocolate, which consists of vanilla ice cream dipped in a milk chocolate shell; and Salted Caramel, which includes salted caramel-flavored ice cream, salted caramel swirls, and a milk chocolate coating.

Publix Limited-Time Summer Ice Cream Flavors

publix summer 2023 limited-edition ice cream flavors
Courtesy of Publix

If you live near a Publix, the Southern grocery chain is now home to eight new, limited-time ice cream flavors. The summer flavor lineup includes:

  • Buckeyes & Fudge: peanut butter ice cream with chocolate-covered peanut butter buckeye candies and fudge swirls
  • Hazelnut Amaretto Biscotti: chocolate hazelnut-flavored ice cream with amaretto-flavored cookie crumbles and dark chocolate flakes
  • Lemon Berry Bliss: lemon crème-flavored ice cream with lemonade-flavored flakes and blueberry-flavored swirls
  • Marry Me Strawberry: strawberry ice cream with ribbons of strawberry-flavored sauce and pieces of white chocolate-flavored strawberry pecan bark
  • Mocha Mud Pie: mocha-flavored ice cream with a hot fudge swirl and pieces of cookies and cream
  • Nuts About Pistachio: pistachio ice cream with pieces of real pistachios
  • Piña Colada: coconut-flavored ice cream with pineapple-flavored pieces
  • Salted Caramel Toffee Crunch: salted caramel-flavored ice cream with toffee-flavored swirls and cocoa pretzel bark pieces

The limited-edition flavors will be available in quart-sized containers until supplies run out. Then in the fall, Publix will drop another round of specially curated ice cream flavors.

Weis By Nature Ice Cream

weis by nature ice cream tubs
Courtesy of Weis Markets

In April, Pennsylvania-based regional grocery chain Weis Markets debuted Weis By Nature ice cream, a selection of 11 ice cream flavors that are made without GMOs or artificial flavors, preservatives, colors, or ingredients.

The 48-ounce tubs sell for $3.99 and come in the following flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Vanilla Bean & Chocolate, Coffee, Cookies 'N Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip, Fudge Twirl (vanilla ice cream with a fudge ripple), Mocha Caramel Swirl (mocha ice cream with a salted caramel ripple), Peanut Butter Cup (chocolate ice cream swirled with peanut butter sauce), and Salty Caramel Ripple (vanilla ice cream with a sea salt caramel ripple).

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