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Bobby Flay's #1 Secret for Grilling Perfect Food

There's one step that Bobby always follows.

With summer right around the corner, it's time to fire up those grills. But grilling is no easy task– while it may seem simple at first, there's a lot that goes into cooking the perfect summer BBQ. Luckily, celebrity chef Bobby Flay has just the trick you need.

The Food Network star has a ton of summer grilling recipes: everything from whole grilled turkey to Margherita pizza to Yucatan chicken skewers. But grilling isn't just about following a recipe. In fact, Flay offers several grilling tips for backyard cooks to master their favorite dishes.

And while all of his tips are golden (after all, not many chefs can beat Bobby Flay), there's one, in particular, that will turn your summer cheeseburger into a culinary masterpiece: go with a charcoal grill.

grilling chicken

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According to the chef, charcoal grills are superior to gas grills for BBQ. "If you have the time and conviction, charcoal is better," Flay told Delish. "It's purer; it's the old-school way to do it."

And he's not alone in this opinion– Eat This, Not That! reporting revealed that Chef Sean Brasel from Meat Market in Miami Beach agrees that charcoal is the better option.

So how exactly can a charcoal grill elevate your food? Well, it certainly adds that classic BBQ flavor that we all crave in the summer. "You can flavor the food with more charcoal," Flay told Delish, sharing that hardwood charcoal is a great option for flavor.

And the celeb even has a hack for keeping the charcoal evenly lit: a chimney starter. "It's the best $20 investment you'll ever make," he said. "The thing people are most concerned about with charcoal grills is that they can't get it lit well."

Once that charcoal grill is heated up, Flay encourages at-home cooks to try out different things. While burgers and hot dogs are mainstream BBQ, the chef recommends taking a leap into something new this summer.

"I think people are intimidated by fish on the grill," he told Delish. "My advice is to use a filet that's more steak-like." Tuna or swordfish are his top two when it comes to steak-like fish.

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