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Burger King Is Launching a New Frozen Cotton Candy Drink For Spring

A new frozen drink topping is also debuting at Burger King alongside the latest beverage.
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America has only recently begun to emerge from the shortened days and dreary weather of the winter season—but a major fast-food chain is already expanding its menu with a refreshing new drink tailor-made for the upcoming warm weather.

Burger King just announced that a brand-new Frozen Cotton Candy beverage (160 calories for a large) will hit menus nationwide on April 11. Described in a press release as a "deliciously sweet" concoction, the drink is a vibrant light blue color with blue raspberry and cotton candy flavors.

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The Frozen Cotton Candy beverage will only be available for a limited time while supplies last, so anyone interested in sampling it shouldn't wait too long before hitting up their local Burger King after it hits menus.

In addition to the new drink, Burger King restaurants will begin offering a new cold foam cloud topping. Customers will be able to add the new topping to the Frozen Cotton Candy beverage or any other frozen drinks at Burger King for an additional charge.

Burger King Frozen Cotton Candy Beverage
Courtesy of Burger King

To top it all off, Burger King is also launching a new Cloud Float game available exclusively through its app for members of the Royal Perks loyalty program. Those who participate can win Crowns (rewards points that can be redeemed for freebies), food and drink perks, and limited-edition swag.

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The new Frozen Cotton Candy beverage and cold foam cloud topping are only the latest new additions coming to Burger Chain after a series of exciting menu launches in recent months. In March, the chain added a spicy new option to its line of Royal Crispy Wraps: the Fiery Buffalo Royal Crispy Wrap (360 calories). It consists of a crispy white meat chicken breast fillet that's coated in a spicy buffalo glaze and creamy buffalo sauce, then wrapped inside a warm tortilla with lettuce and tomato. Other wraps currently available at Burger King include the classic Royal Crispy Wrap, a Spicy Royal Crispy Wrap with chicken coated in a triple pepper spicy glaze, and the Honey Mustard Royal Crispy Wrap.

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Burger King also introduced brand-new Fiery Nuggets (510 calories) coated in a spicy buffalo glaze alongside the wrap, giving customers a zingy alternative to its classic Chicken Nuggets. Additionally, Burger King dropped a new Po's Panda Sundae (270 calories) last month to celebrate the new film "Kung Fu Panda 4" as it hit theaters. The dessert comes with creamy vanilla soft-serve topped with Oreo crumbles and chocolate syrup.

The Fiery Royal Crispy Wrap, Fiery Nuggets, and Po's Panda Sundae are still on the menu right now. However, Burger King said that all three will only stick around for a limited time while supplies last, so interested customers should grab them while they can.

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