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25 Best Costco Items To Prepare for Spring

Now is the time to start buying everything you need to spruce up your indoors and outdoors for the season.
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Spring is in full swing at Costco, and it's not too early to start thinking about everything you need to spruce up your indoors and outdoors. Whether it's spring cleaning, gardening, or patio improvements, Costco has you covered (per usual). You'll need to catch the warehouse at the right time (now!) to get the largest selection. My latest visit to Costco had plenty of spring items, but a ton of summer gear was also being introduced, so time is of the essence.

As you embark on these spring projects, remember that Costco also offers services to help if doing home improvement yourself isn't your thing. has special deals on everything from home organization and custom storage solutions to cabinet refacing, so it's worth a gander before you start any project. The club will even send someone to install a playset in your backyard!

In the meantime, grab your carts. It's time to fill them up with these 25 items to start spring off the right way. Remember, if you need assistance getting any heavy items out to your car, ask an employee at the exit, and someone will help you out.

Scotts Turf Builder Sun and Shade Grass Seed

12 lb bag of scotts grass seed.

Winter can wreak havoc on your lawn. There's no time like the present to get grass seed and plenty of it. Costco has a few varieties to choose from based on your lawn. Stock up on a 12-pound bag or three for $52.99 in the warehouse.

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Dr Heater Freestanding Infrared Portable Heater

dr heater freestanding patio heater on a white background.

Spring brings warmer days but still chilly nights. In these conditions, having a portable heater is clutch for al fresco dining. You can't beat the price on this one, which is on sale right now for $89.99 at the warehouse (regularly priced at $114.99). It's a welcome addition to any patio.

Polywood Garden Bench

image of a costco garden bench.

Polywood makes great weather-resistant furniture built to last for years. If your outdoor space is small or you're looking to add something to a front patio, this garden bench is a fantastic pick. It's available at the warehouse for $249.99.

Mohawk Spring Decorative Outdoor Welcome Mat

spring welcome mats at costco.
@CostcoDeals / Facebook

An outdoor welcome mat isn't something we think to replace often, but it's a nice way to spruce up your front door for guests. These decorative options are $9.99 in the warehouse, so they're a great price, too.

Suncast Sliding Door Shed

a suncast sliding door shed in a backyard.

The last few times we've been to Costco, I've passed this shed and asked my husband when I could finally get my "she-shed." Joking aside, if your community (and space) allows sheds and you have larger objects to store, like lawnmowers and other equipment, this structurally sound sliding-door shed is for you. It'll cost you $999.99 at the warehouse but will likely last forever.

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Miracle Gro Organic Choice Potting Mix

miracle gro potting mix on a white background.

If you plan to garden this spring, you'll want to pick up some of this organic potting mix at Costco. In my experience, the prices are significantly lower than in your local gardening store. Grab a few bags early if you have the space to store them, as they tend to sell out quickly. You can get 50-quart size for $10.99 at the warehouse.

Ortho Weedclear Lawn Weedkiller

Ortho WeedClear Lawn Weed Killer Ready-to-Use with Comfort Wand at Costco

Spring may bring beautiful green grass, but it also brings dreaded weeds. This weed killer is safe for your grass if used as directed. It also comes with a handy wand to ensure everything is evenly spread. It's in the warehouse for $24.99.

Wet & Forget Outdoor Hose End Moss Mold Mildew Cleaner

wet and forget it outdoor on costco shelf.
@dballzzz / reddit

Green algae, moss, mold, and mildew gravitate to decks and patios, making them unsightly. Instead of scrubbing or power washing, this spray claims to take care of the job just by applying the solution. The Costco version has a hose end for equal distribution. A 68-ounce jug is on sale for $23.99 (reg price $29.99) in the warehouse.

Flocked Non-Slip Hangers

a box of costco flocked non-slip hangers.

Spring cleaning is more than just fix-it projects. It's the best time to clean out your closet, edit what you don't need, and put your spring and summer outfits on display. It's also a great time to replace your mismatched hangers with high-quality ones that keep your clothes on the hanger. Pick up a 50-pack for $13.99 at the warehouse.

Flexon Contractor Grade Hose

a green garden hose on a white background.

Garden hoses tend to last a long time until a lawnmower rolls over them or your kids do something that they can't explain. If you have the need, this contractor-grade 100-foot hose is only $27.99 at the warehouse. There were a few different options featured, depending on your needs.

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Bissell Little Green Premium Portable Deep Cleaner

bissell little green rug cleaner on a white background.

This little green Bissell has been mega-popular on CleaningTikTok (yes, that's a thing) for its strong suction power in a little package sucking dirt out of cream couches and restoring them to their original color. Reviews vary elsewhere, but if you have pets and kids, you probably can't go wrong at least trying (and returning if you need). It's $99.99 in the warehouse, but I did spot the "death star," so it won't be there for long.

Weatherproof Vintage Packable Blanket

weatherproof blankets hanging on a wall.

Spring means more trips to the park, sporting events, and outdoor concerts, so having a weatherproof packable blanket is a must. This one has a variety of fun vintage designs to choose from. It also rolls up into its own carrying case with an attached strap for easy transport. A 60-inch by 72-inch blanket is $18.99 at the warehouse.

X-Kites Supersized Deluxe Nylon Kite

a variety of kites at costco.
@CostcoDeals / Facebook

When the wind hits just right, flying a kite can be a magical experience for kids (and adults!). These supersized kites, made of ripstop nylon, come in a variety of figures, such as unicorns, owls, and fighter jets. They are easy to assemble and sail in the air. Each kite is $16.99 in the warehouse.

Zuru Bunch O Bubbles Blaster

zuru bunch of bubbles blaster on a white background.

Speaking of fun kid toys that adults love, this Bunch O Bubbles Blaster, priced at $19.99 in the warehouse, sprays bubbles everywhere with just the pull of a trigger. LED lights make this toy even more of a party for ages 3-plus.

Medal Sports Cornhole Set

a cornhole set sold at costco on a lawn.

If you don't already own a cornhole set—or, "bags" as they call it in some parts of the country—this is the perfect driveway, street, or backyard game to play. The rules are easy enough for anyone to learn, and it's always great fun. This set is $99.97 in the warehouse and comes with both boards, bean bags, and a bean bag carrying case. Handles are attached to the board for easy transport.

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Hasbro Giant Connect Four

a giant connect 4 game on a white background.

Take your average Connect Four game and make it giant for the outdoors. You've likely seen these around outdoor bars or at arcades, and now you can own one of your very own. It'll run you $69.99 at the warehouse.

Ladies Garden Clogs

a display of ladies garden clogs at costco
@CostcoDeals / Facebook

If you're gardening this spring and want to keep your shoes in tip-top shape, these garden clogs are the perfect slip-on shoe to climb into the soil with. Western Chief makes a solid product, and these are waterproof with a removable sole and a fun floral print for inspiration. A pair is $18.99 at the warehouse.

Tommy Bahama Stainless Steel Patio Cooler

a tommy bahama cooler on wheels on a white background.

This isn't your average cooler. A version of it pops up in the warehouse every year, and this is a nice investment if you do a lot of outdoor entertaining. The insulated cooler is around 100 quarts with a split lid, so you can keep your drinks cooler. It also has two built-in folding side tables and a bottle opener attached. It will cost you $199.97 online, but it's an investment that should last for years.

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Hand Soap Variety

mrs meyers hand soap variety pack on a white background.

Everything gets a spring makeover, including your hand soap. This four-pack of spring-scented soaps—daisy, rose, mint, and lilac—come in equally spring-y colored bottles. These garden-inspired soaps will run you $17.99 for the set at the warehouse.

Kirkland Signature Aller-tec Allergy Meds

a package of kirkland aller-tec pills on a white background.

Spring flowers bring … spring allergies. This generic version of Zyrtec is a fan favorite among shoppers on Reddit. A 365-pill supply costs $14.49 at the warehouse, and it will last you well through peak allergy season. Costco often runs sales on all of its allergy medication this time of year, so if you suffer, keep an eye out.

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Spring Bulb Assortment

a display of spring bulbs at costco.
@Cheesesteaklover / reddit

Costco always has a nice assortment of spring bulbs, and according to shoppers on Reddit, they are just as good as what you'd find at your local garden store or nursery. Depending on your region, you can choose from dahlias, caladiums, begonias, and others. The number of bulbs per pack varies, but each pack costs $13.99 at the warehouse.

10-Inch Flowering Garden

Display of 10-Inch Flowering Gardens at Costco Wholesale
Samantha Lande/Eat This, Not That!

Don't want to plant your own flowers? No worries—Costco has you covered. These brightly hued blooms are great in bright or indirect sunlight. Put them in your favorite planter on your porch, and you have the perfect start to spring for $15.99.

Greenworks Trimmer

a hedgeworks trimmer on a white background.

This lightweight trimmer weighs only 8 pounds and has a flexible strap and powerful motor. It'll help you trim your lawn faster and more precisely. The battery and tool have a four-year warranty. The trimmer is $249.99 in the warehouse.

Tommy Bahama Solar Spotlights

two tommy bahama solar lights on a white background.

New lighting is a quick and relatively inexpensive way to spruce up your outdoor space. These solar spotlights, which come in a two-pack for $29.99, are weather-resistant and perfect for lining a pathway or adding spotlights in your garden or backyard.

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Eurow Automotive Trunk Organizer

a black trunk organizer on a white background.

It's not just the house that needs spring organizing; your car deserves some love, too. Whether you're a spring sports parent who needs to calm the chaos of equipment, hand warmers, extra coats and blankets, and a few first aid items, or you want a better way to organize your Costco purchases, a trunk organizer can be a lifesaver. This $29.99 organizer, which you can find at, is a genius solution to calm the clutter.

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