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Costco Shoppers Are Raving About Delicious, Melt-In-Your-Mouth Cookies

“They taste like something my Grandmother made.”

As shoppers gear up for the holiday season, baked goods and other sweet treats will be top of mind for many. If you're looking for some additional dessert inspiration, Costco fans recently brought one cookie variety into the spotlight.

This week, one Reddit user shared a photo of David's Cookies Butter Pecan Meltaways, writing, "They taste like something my Grandmother made."

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As stated on the item's tin, these "melt-in-your-mouth" cookies are made with real butter and chopped pecans and dusted with powdered sugar. Within the recent Reddit thread, multiple users sang praises about this buttery, sugary confection.

"These are dangerous(ly good)!" one commenter raved. "Butter, flour, pecans, powdered sugar = magic," another one added. Meanwhile, others shared how quickly they've gotten through the cookie tin, with one customer writing that the cookies were previously "gone two days after Xmas."

While the cookies are already packaged in a festive red tin, one Reddit user recommended placing them in decorative cellophane bags to make "instant gifts."

For those who would like to purchase this dessert, a 32-ounce tin is currently $3 off through Nov. 27 as part of Costco's Holiday Savings. The deal is available both online and in-warehouse.

Costco members can also score a two-count pack of the cookies for $6 off through Dec. 17 as part of an online-only deal. The discount brings the item's price down to $33.99, with shipping and handling included in the price. However, the item's cost can vary depending on the warehouse's location. Each cookie tin contains about 64 cookies, according to Costco.

The Butter Pecan Meltaways aren't the only David's Cookies products sold at Costco. The warehouse club also offers the brand's various cookie and brownie assortments, along with different cakes, such as the 7.2-pound Premier Chocolate Cake.

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Aside from the Butter Pecan Meltaways, Costco shoppers have been buzzing about several other dessert items recently. Last week, shoppers rejoiced over the return of the Kirkland Signature Peppermint Bark. Packaged in a 21-ounce container, the bark is made with white and dark chocolate and covered in a layer of crushed peppermint candies.

Costco members can also finally get their hands on the Mini All American Cakes with Fudge Icing. First released in 2021, this beloved bakery item packs a triple chocolate punch, consisting of a chocolate cake topped with fudgy icing and chocolate shavings.

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