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Costco Expanding to a New State for the First Time

The new store will be located in the city of Scarborough.

There's surely no doubt that Costco is one of the most popular and prominent grocery chains in the country. That is, of course, thanks to its vast selection of tempting goodies, budget-friendly prices, and widespread appeal. However, not everyone in the U.S. is able to enjoy their great deals. There are some states that don't have a single Costco location, and while that may be unfortunate for anyone who lives there and is eager to try out some of the most popular items on the store's shelves, residents of Maine will no longer have to feel like they're missing out. That's because Costco is getting ready to open its first location in the Northeastern state.

If you don't live in Maine and are surprised by the fact that they don't already have at least one Costco, then you're not alone. As one Twitter user admitted, "I just automatically assumed Costco was everywhere. I just learned that the first one in Maine is set to open this year. The more you know."

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The new store will be located in the city of Scarborough, on a 19-acre lot in The Downs development, which is around the Payne Road and Scarborough Downs Road area, according to WMTW-TV. It's set to include a 161,100-square-foot store, almost 800 parking spaces, and a gas station for anyone who needs to fuel up before taking their groceries home.

While that might make some Maine residents more than just a little excited to go shopping, the store which was approved in August 2022 isn't open quite yet. In fact, construction on the framework has just started. The good news is that although it was meant to be finished at the end of 2023 or even in 2024, it will now open its doors in November.

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When that happens, it will increase the number of Costco stores across the country which sat at 596 as of August 14, 2023, according to Scrapehero. Florida has 31 of those locations while Washington has 33, Texas has 38, and California has a whopping 134. Illinois (with 23 stores), New Jersey (21), Arizona (20), New York (19), Virginia (17), and Georgia (17) are also among the states that have the most Costcos. On the other hand, Rhode Island, West Virginia, and Wyoming are still without a Costco to call their own. Sorry, folks!

Fortunately, Costco is working on opening new locations in other areas as well. That means if there's not already one near you, then there might be one soon enough.

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