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Costco's Viral New Sandwich Is an Outrageous Combo of 3 Food Court Staples

Costco fans are divided on whether the Jochizza is genius or ridiculous.

Costco members are fiercely passionate about the grocer's beloved food court and they frequently think up inventive hacks to make their favorite items taste better than ever. However, a new Costco food court hack that's going viral might just be the most outrageous one yet.

Adventurous Costco fans have been combining three food court favorites—the Chicken Bake, hot dog, and cheese pizza—into one massive sandwich they're officially calling the "Jochizza." TikToker @soyelarturito appears to be the originator of the hack or at least one of the first Costco shoppers to try it. But TikToker @eatitkatie also recently went viral after sharing a video in which she created and sampled the item.

 Costco Fans Are Divided On Whether This Item Is "Delicious" Or "Inedible"

The TikToker first sliced open the Chicken Bake lengthwise to create a sort of messy, makeshift bun for the hotdog. After stuffing the hot dog into the gap, she ripped the layer of cheese off of the pizza and placed it directly on top. As a final touch, @eatitkatie topped it with a generous layer of diced onions, ketchup, mustard, and relish. ("Fully loaded," she quipped.)


This is the ultimate costco food court hack no one wants you to know about 🌭🍕🤪 ib: @El Arturito 🇲🇽

♬ Paint The Town Red (Instrumental) – Doja Cat

"This has everything you want. This is the best Costco menu item," the TikToker raved after trying the item.

The video has now racked up more than 280,000 views, but Costco fans were divided on whether the idea is genius or ridiculous. 

"This looks so amazing," a TikToker commented on the video.

"I have heartburn just looking at it," another wrote.

 A Beloved Costco Smoothie Is Finally Back & Shoppers Are Thrilled

If the Jochizza looks just a little too extreme for your tastes but you still want to switch up your food court order, you should know about a slightly more restrained hack that took the internet by storm earlier this year. A Frankenstein-style mashup called the "forbidden glizzy" requires Costco shoppers to order a hotdog and a Chicken Bake, bite off both ends of the Chicken Bake, shove the hotdog inside, and enjoy. 

While it isn't quite as over-the-top as the Jochizza, the forbidden glizzy still proved to be quite the divisive topic among Costco fans. People were repulsed, fascinated, or a combination of both. 

"That's disgusting. I love it," one Redditor commented on a thread about the forbidden glizzy.

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