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A Beloved Costco Smoothie Is Finally Back & Shoppers Are Thrilled

After months of pining and pleading from fans of the smoothie.

Costco members have been begging for the return of a beloved food court smoothie ever since it left menus a few months agoand the retailer is finally granting their wish.

That's right! Costco's Fruit Smoothie just started returning to food courts in the United States. Several members have spotted the old favorite back on the menu at their local warehouses over the past couple of days.

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For the uninitiated, the Fruit Smoothie (which many members also call the "berry smoothie") is a blend of strawberry, blueberry, and acai. It was a longtime staple on the Costco food court menu, but the retailer pulled it from the rotation around the start of summer to make room for a new Mango Smoothie that was previously only available in Hawaii.

While some people loved the new mango version, others thought it was a sorry replacement for the Fruit Smoothie. Tons of members complained on Reddit about the Mango Smoothie's taste and texture. Some even compared it to "baby food."

Now that the Fruit Smoothie is officially returning, fans are thrilled. Plenty were buzzing over the news after a Costco shopper posted a photo on Reddit this week showing that it was back on the menu for a price of $2.99.

"Joy has returned to my life!" one fan commented on the Reddit pist.

"Glad to see it's back. It's been a berry long time," another quipped.

The Fruit Smoothie may be replacing the Mango Smoothie as it returns to warehouses, since the mango version was absent from the menu in the Redditor's photo. Costco did not immediately respond to our queries for confirmation that the Mango Smoothie is being retired.

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As some shoppers noted on Reddit, the Fruit Smoothie hasn't returned to all Costco locations in the United States just yet. Food court items do tend to arrive at some warehouses earlier than others, so members should check directly with their local warehouse to see whether it's available yet.

The Fruit Smoothie isn't the only exciting item to hit Costco's food court menu this year. In May, the retailer delighted shoppers when it brought back diced onions, a popular topping for the food court hotdogs. The retailer also brought back its popular Chicken Caesar Salad in May and debuted a new strawberry ice cream over the summer that quickly garnered rave reviews.

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