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Costco Fans Are Divided On Whether This Item Is "Delicious" Or "Inedible"

Costco shoppers recently got into a fierce debate over a comfort food dish.
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For many of the items you'll find at Costco, shoppers can usually agree on whether or not those products are worth your hard-earned dollars. But one option in the retailer's prepared meals section might just be one of the most divisive Costco items in recent history. Some fans are raving that it's "delicious," while others are slamming it as completely "inedible."

This divisive item is Costco's take on a classic comfort food: chicken pot pie. Costco sells a seasonal five-pound chicken pot pie under its house brand, Kirkland Signature, that typically reappears in the fall each year. Each pie comes with peas, carrots, and 1.5 pounds of rotisserie chicken all tucked inside Kirkland Signature pie dough. Customers need only pop it in the oven at home and they'll be rewarded with a hot, freshly baked chicken pot pie.

Costco brought the pie back last month just in time for fall. But when a shopper recently took to Reddit to ask fellow Costco fans for their thoughts on the item, a fierce debate ensued. The post has now racked up more than 200 comments from members who feel very passionately about the seasonal meal option.

On the one hand, some Costco shoppers think that the pie is exceptionally tasty and a great meal option for the colder months of the year.

"It's delicious! Just finished the last slice of one five [minutes] ago," a shopper commented.

"I love it. We definitely get it at least once a month in the fall and winter," another wrote. One member even declared it the "best store-bought pot pie I've ever had."

kirkland signature chicken pot pie
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On the other hand, some people had some major complaints about the pie, mostly in regard to its flavors and textures.

"It's an inedible salt bomb of overcooked, chemical-tasting chicken and industrial pie crust that bears zero resemblance to real, flaky pie crust," one critic commented.

"Super salty, super dry, too much chicken, not enough gravy and veggies," another wrote.

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Of course, there are also some people who fall more in the center on the opinion scale

"It's ok. I don't love it, but it's not terrible," a shopper wrote.

Considering how wildly divisive the pie has become, members who haven't already tried it will probably have to sample it for themselves to see whether they like it or not. The pie has been selling for around $22 at warehouses this fall, but prices may vary depending on the location.

This isn't the only Costco item that has set off an intense discussion among members lately. When the retailer recently brought back its seasonal beef chili (which happens to include beans), shoppers got into a fierce debate over whether the legumes belong in chili.

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