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Costco's New Pie Is "Off the Charts Delicious," Shoppers Say

One customer even said the pie was "the best baked good I've ever bought at Costco in modern times."

Costco bakery finds like the Lemon Blueberry Loaf and Lemon Meringue Cheesecake have been taking the internet by storm in 2023, but a recently launched dessert at the members-only warehouse club is now getting its own turn in the spotlight. This highly praised dessert is a massive, fruity Four Berry Pie that customers are happy to report is "absolutely amazing" and "off the charts delicious."

Costco members first spotted the Four Berry Pie earlier this month when the retailer boosted its bakery lineup with a couple of new items. The hefty dessert weighs in at nearly five pounds and is stuffed to the brim with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and cranberries. It didn't take long for Costco customers to start flooding social media with rave reviews for the bakery item.

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Anyone tried New(?) Four Berry Pie?
by u/razorduc in Costco

"It is fantastic! One of the best berry pies I've had in a while. It's great as is and à la mode!" one shopper commented on a Reddit post about the pie.

"It is the best baked good I've ever bought at Costco in modern times," another said.

Apparently, some shoppers couldn't even wait to leave the warehouse before digging into the treat. A customer reported seeing some fellow Costco members leave the warehouse with a pie that was already "half-eaten."

"They were only two people so assuming it was pretty good," the customer added.

Costco is selling the pie for $18.99. Though some customers were slightly put off by the price, others said that the taste and sheer size of the item made paying nearly $20 for a single dessert worth it.

"I got a sample at the store, absolutely amazing. Planning on grabbing one for a get-together. Worth every penny with the amount of berries in it. Perfect amount of sweet/tart," a customer wrote.

Though Costco members have been raving about the Four Berry Pie, not all bakery items at the popular warehouse club have been immune from customer criticism lately. Shoppers recently complained that bagels from Costco's bakery tend to grow mold mere days after purchasing them. Helpfully, other members reported success in prolonging the shelf-life of these mold-prone bagels by storing them in the freezer or refrigerator.

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