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Costco Shoppers Are Noticing an Issue With the Chain's Baked Goods

Fans adore the warehouse club's baked goods, but there's a big problem with one specific product.

When it comes to Costco's beloved bakery, you'll be hard-pressed to find customer chatter that isn't fond or overwhelmingly positive. If you've been at all tuned into the vibrant Costco culture in the last few months, for example, you've likely seen nearly countless rave reviews for fan-favorite bakery items like the massive peanut butter chocolate pie, cinnamon pull-apart bread, and the newly launched Lemon Blueberry Loaf cake.

Despite this acclaim, one Costco bakery staple hasn't escaped the intense scrutiny of devoted customers, and they weren't afraid to draw attention to a major issue that's been plaguing the item.

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A customer reported on Reddit this week that bagels they picked up from the Costco bakery molded just a few days after the purchase, despite storing them in a plastic bag and also living in a desert without much humidity, which can otherwise drive mold growth. The customer quickly found that this was far from a one-off issue.

Do your bagels get moldy extremely quickly?
by u/captnchunky in Costco

"You are not alone, mine molds like crazy after a day or two," a fellow member commented.

"I don't buy Costco bagels because of this," another said.

While the mold problem may put some customers off the idea of grabbing a bag of Costco bagels, others said it was actually an indicator of higher quality since it likely means the baked goods aren't packed with preservatives.

"This is how you know you have good bread. Not trash bread that magically stays mold free for 6 weeks," one commented.

"Preservatives are a wonder of modern food science, but their use has skewed our expectations," another wrote.

For those who don't want to give up Costco's bagels altogether but still want to ensure they don't go to waste, fellow customers were very forthcoming with tips on how to lengthen the shelf life of Costco's bagels. For starters, consider storing them somewhere other than the kitchen counter or cupboards.

"I put all bread items straight into the fridge or freezer. Never leave them on the counter, you're just asking for mold that way, sadly," a member wrote.

Those who opt for the freezing method should also slice the bagels in half beforehand for extra convenience so they can go straight into the toaster, customers said. Others suggested simply investing in a bread box, which can help keep your beloved carbs fresher for longer periods of time.

Another beloved grocery chain, Trader Joe's, also recently came under scrutiny for a very similar issue. Customers on Reddit complained in March that the retailer's tortillas and other bread products mold within days unless they're stored in the fridge or freezer. The cause of the issue was not exactly clear, but Trader Joe's tends to avoid using artificial preservatives in its products in favor of more natural alternatives.

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