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6 Best Costco Bakery Items You Can Only Get In Other Countries

Grab your passport! We're going to Costco.
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Operating as one of the world's top retailers, Costco boasts 855 locations across 14 different countries. While these warehouses share several key similarities, such as sprawling aisles, curated product selections, and bulk pricing, every store has something that makes it unique.

Take the retailer's food court, for example. Across the pond, shoppers in England can grab an Aberdeen Angus Cottage Pie, which is a meat and vegetable pie topped with mashed potatoes. Meanwhile, in Canada, Costco members can order some poutine, a Canadian dish featuring french fries topped with gravy and cheese curds.

Outside of the food court, Costco customers all over the globe have access to products they can only purchase in their specific locations. One department where this is apparent is the bakery.

Since no trip to Costco would be complete without scoring a baked good or two, we rounded up six shopper-approved bakery items you can buy outside of the United States.

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Mud Cake – Australia

While Costco bakeries in the U.S. carry multiple chocolate desserts, a mud cake doesn't appear to be one of them. In Australia, the retailer sells a mud cake with chocolate ganache and chocolate shavings for about 30 Australian dollars.

As reported by a YouTuber who goes by the username Zesty Girl, this dessert clocks in at 2.3 kilograms (which is just north of five pounds) and is a "winner." A few months ago, another shopper, who also called the cake a "winner," wrote on Instagram, "Oh. My. God. This cake is the best. I have used it for so many birthdays, just add some decorations to the top of it. […]." Additionally, the retailer previously offered a decorated version of the mud cake for Mother's Day.

French Butter Madeleines – Australia and France

While you might be able to find packages of madeleines at your local U.S. warehouse, the small French cakes are offered as a freshly made bakery item in Australia. Costco previously described its French Butter Madeleines as "buttery" and "spongey" with a "subtle lemon zest fragrance." Although a few Facebook users recently critiqued the item's price tag (about 20 Australian dollars), the madeleines still appear to have their fair share of fans.

True to its origins, the dessert has also been spotted in France, as reported by BuzzFeed.

Mini Chocolate Hazelnut Beignets – U.K.

This past April, Instagram user @costcofans shared a look at multiple bakery items sold at a Costco warehouse in Bristol, England. One dessert that received some love in the comments section was the 24-count pack of Mini Chocolate Hazelnut Beignets, which were selling for 7.49 British pounds.

One Instagrammer, who said they live in London, noted that the beignets are a "new addition," adding, "I can confirm they are possibly the softest and most comforting food ever 10/10."

Fresh Cream Mini Victoria Sandwiches – U.K. and Iceland

Also making an appearance in @costcofans' recent Instagram post is a six-count package of Fresh Cream Mini Victoria Sandwiches, which sell for about 7 British pounds. However, this dessert isn't limited to the U.K. This week, Insider reported that the bakery item can also be found in Iceland's only Costco location in Garðabær, which is around six miles south of Reykjavík.

In May, TikTok user @official_usmanxs posted a review of the bakery item, noting that it's covered in powdered sugar and filled with fresh dairy cream and raspberry jam. "The cake itself has been cooked very well. It's airy. It's fluffy. It's not too stodgy—or it's not too dry. It's just bang on in the middle," the user said, also pointing out that the raspberry jam is a "nice contrast to the cream."

Other TikTok users had similar positive feelings about the jam-filled dessert. One commented, "They taste so fresh and lovely."

Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies – Canada

Costco stores in the U.S. are home to plenty of cookies, but right now, toffee chocolate chip isn't one of them. At the end of May, Instagram user @costcofindscanada spotted the new dessert at a Vaughn, Ontario, warehouse for about 11 Canadian dollars. While many shoppers delighted in the product launch, some also shared that Costco previously offered these cookies "years ago."

On Reddit, Costco members in the U.S. expressed disappointment about being unable to acquire this bakery item. "Why does Canada get all the cool bakery stuff?" one user wrote. "Oh no, those cookies aren't in the US? Now I'm devastated. They look delicious," another one commented.

Peaches and Cream Coffee Cake – Canada

Another recent addition to Costco Canada's bakery is the Peaches and Cream Coffee Cake. Priced around 10 Canadian dollars, this new dessert features peach chunks, walnuts, and a streusel topping, according to Costco food review website Costcuisine. The site's founder, Natalie, classified this product as a "must buy," writing, "I wouldn't normally think of walnuts and peaches as a good pairing in a coffee cake, but it works well."

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