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Costco Just Brought Back a Popular Snack & Shoppers Are Ecstatic: 'So Happy'

Costco shoppers have reported trouble finding the snack for months, but it was just spotted again.
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Months after a popular Costco snack mysteriously disappeared from shelves—sparking confusion and despair in the warehouse club's community—the item has finally made its grand return to the fierce delight of shoppers.

This returning snack, the Kirkland Signature Organic Dried Mangos, was just spotted back on Costco shelves in Texas this week. Costco shoppers have been reporting trouble with finding the product for months, though the reasons for its absence remain unknown. So, it should come as no surprise that fans were ecstatic to finally see the offering available for purchase again.

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"Yesssss! This makes me so happy! It's been waiting on the grocery list for a while now!" one shopper commented on a Reddit post about the return of the dried mangos.

"The Costco gods have listened!" another wrote.

One particularly passionate fan who found the dried mangos even reported stocking up on four bags just in case they disappear again in the near future.

kirkland organic dried mangoes

In even better news for mango lovers, a sweet twist on the classic dried variety that reportedly hasn't been around for a while was also just spotted back in warehouses: Kirkland Signature Dark Chocolate Covered Mangoes. It's not clear exactly when the dark chocolate version disappeared from shelves, but some customers have reported trouble finding them for years in certain parts of the country.

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Like the classic organic dried mangos, the resurgence of the Kirkland Signature Dark Chocolate Covered Mangoes also inspired plenty of customer buzz on social media.

"I'm so happy these are back! The combo of deliciously dried mangoes with dark chocolate is my favorite…I'm obsessed!" the Costco fan account @costcobuys raved in an Instagram post.

Costco shoppers should take note that any new and returning items tend to hit some warehouses before others. So if you don't currently see either returning dried mango varieties in stock at your local Costco, make sure to check directly with a worker to confirm when they'll be available.

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These aren't the only fan-favorite snacks to recently return to Costco after a long and mysterious absence. Back in September 2023, shoppers noticed that the wildly popular Kirkland Signature Peanut Butter Filled Pretzel Nuggets had inexplicably disappeared from shelves. They were finally spotted back in stores again in December 2023 to the relief of shoppers who'd been pining for the sweet and salty morsels.

An alleged Costco employee claimed on Reddit when they first disappeared that the company temporarily stopped selling the pretzels because of a quality issue that caused them to go stale. However, Costco didn't respond to our queries for comment at the time, so this claim should be taken with a grain of salt.

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