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Costco Shoppers Are Raving About the "Best Cheese In the Country"

"Amazing" and "delicious" are some of the ways Costco shoppers have described the cheese.
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Artisanal shops and local dairies are likely what comes to mind when connoisseurs are on the hunt for the absolute best cheeses. However, the "best cheese in the country" can actually be found at your local Costco—at least according to customers.

This much-lauded Costco cheese is the Kirkland Signature Sartori Cabernet Sauvignon BellaVitano Cheese. The cheese is full-bodied and a little nutty, according to the packaging. But what makes it extra special is the fact that it's soaked in Kirkland Signature Cabernet Sauvignon, imbuing it with the popular red wine's deep purple hues and dark fruit flavors.

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A Costco shopper inadvertently set off a string of rave reviews for the cheese when they recently took to Reddit with a simple question about which parts of the cheese are edible. The post racked up more than 140 comments from other shoppers who swore that it is one of the best, if not the best, cheeses that money can buy at Costco and beyond.

"Best cheese in the country so far as I've been able to find," one customer commented.

"This cheese is just amazing. I've gotten it way too much to admit," another customer raved. "The little crunches in the cheese are incredible. Best cheese I've ever gotten from there."

The cheese's packaging notes that it is great for snacking, but Costco customers have also come up with a range of different creative and tasty uses for the product. One fan noted that the popular cheese "makes a great grilled cheese sandwich." Another suggested grating the cheese and using it on spaghetti "if you want to change your life."

Costco sells the beloved cheese in wedges that typically weigh in at around one pound. Prices may vary by location, but the Costco shopper who started the thread reported paying $9.71 for 1.08 pounds of the cheese.

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For fans who love this cheese, the Sartori brand also sells a Merlot-soaked variety. The Merlot cheese is sold online and at a plethora of different retailers apart from Costco, so you don't need a Costco card in order to try it.

While this cheese is evidently a popular one in the Costco community, it isn't the only Kirkland Signature cheese that shoppers swear is worth your time. Costco members also rave about the imported French brie, Spanish manchego, Parmigiano Reggiano, and fresh goat cheese, among other finds.

And for any cheese lovers who don't currently possess a Costco membership card, the Sartori brand also sells a variety of unique cheeses online and at other retailers. (Think Merlot cheeses, Tennessee Whiskey cheeses, and cheeses rubbed with freshly roasted espresso.)

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