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A Costco Shopper Just Spotted a "Life-Changing" Sweet Bakery Treat—But There's a Catch

This highly-praised treat is Costco's take on a wildly popular croissant-donut hybrid.

American foodies find new obsessions all the time, but one of the biggest food phenomenons of the last decade has to be the cronut. Renowned baker Dominique Ansel invented and debuted this innovative croissant-doughnut hybrid at his NYC bakery in 2013, drawing massive lines and inspiring other bakeries and chains to try their hand at the highly-coveted treat. Now, even Costco is selling its own version of the cronut–and one shopper says it's so good that it can change lives.

This Costco shopper took to Reddit to rave about a box of bright pink, sprinkle-studded "Mini Pink Crodots." (Ansel trademarked the term "cronut" years ago.)

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"One of my favorite Costco purchases this year-literally life-changing," the shopper wrote.

Unfortunately for shoppers in the United States, the catch with these eye-popping pink treats is that they've only been spotted in the United Kingdom so far. This knowledge left American Costco members extremely jealous and pining for Costco to bring the pastries to the United States. And who knows, maybe someday they will?

"Omg, I wish they had these in the US! The last thing we need is a bulk box of cronuts…..but we definitely WANT one!" one shopper commented.

"Is there a way to demand these to be international?" another asked.

It isn't clear when Costcos in the United Kingdom started selling these Crodots. One Redditor said they'd tried them during a visit last year and agreed they were "absolutely life-changing." Shoppers have also reportedly spotted Crodot assortments at locations in Japan, too.

Envious American shoppers can hope that the Crodots become popular enough wherever they're available to inspire the company to bring them to the States. But in the meantime, shoppers will have to shell out for an overseas trip to try them.

"I hadn't even considered stopping at Costco when I will be on the other side of the pond in August. I think I may have to now," a member commented.

Crodots aren't the only Costco item that has left Americans with major FOMO. Shoppers have also been wildly jealous about some of the options at international Costco food courts, like the chicken strips and poutine available in Canada.

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