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Costco Just Brought Back This Beloved Lunch Option At the Food Court

Costco shoppers say they haven't seen this highly-requested food court item for years.

From Combo Pizza to Polish Dogs, Costco has made several devastating cuts to its food court menu in recent years and shoppers have never truly forgiven nor forgotten those losses.

Luckily, the retailer finally seems to be hearing its customers' never-ending pleas to revive their favorite food court noshes. Costco confirmed that it was bringing back its highly-requested diced onions earlier this month, and members are now reporting the return of another beloved food court lunch option: the Chicken Caesar Salad.

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This week, a Costco shopper spotted the salad on the food court menu at their local warehouse in Cranberry, Pa., and shared the exciting news with fellow members on Reddit. Costco declined to comment when contacted for confirmation on the return, but the Costco customer shared a picture to prove that the popular salad was indeed listed on the food court menu.

by u/thatdaxton in Costco

Another Redditor who claimed to work at a Costco in North Carolina also said that their warehouse recently received the signage for the salad.

Costco members say they haven't seen the Chicken Caesar Salad ever since the grocery chain slimmed down its food court menu during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was one of the healthier options available to customers at those warehouse eateries, especially in comparison to the pizza slices, hot dogs, and Chicken Bakes. Though years have now passed since it was last available, customers are more likely than not to list the item as one of the Costco food court options they miss the most.

Now that the popular salad seems to be making its way back, Costco members were ecstatic about the reported return.

"Nature is healing," one shopper wrote on Reddit.

"We need this nationwide asap!" another said.

There does seem to be a couple of key differences between the old and returning Chicken Caesar Salads. For one, the sign in the Redditor's picture says the new salad features rotisserie chicken breast, while the old salad used generic strips of chicken. The new salad also lacks cherry tomatoes and, at $6.99, is more expensive than the old salads, which cost $3.99.

While some Costco members were put off by the purported price change, others weren't as bothered.

"Even with the price increase, still a good price for a filling decent salad," a Redditor commented.

Assuming these salads do get a national rollout, shoppers can now focus all of their attention on campaigning Costco to bring back other coveted food court items that have been discontinued, like the Hot Turkey & Provolone Sandwich and Beef Chili with Beans.

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