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Costco May Be Making a Significant Change To Its Muffins

An alleged Costco employee tipped off shoppers about the rumored muffin change this week.

Costco sent a huge ripple through its fanbase earlier this year after switching the packaging for its beloved, ever-affordable $4.99 rotisserie chickens. Now, rumors have begun to swirl that another iconic Costco product is slated to undergo a significant change.

In a Reddit post this week, an alleged Costco worker claimed the retailer is planning to reduce the size of its popular bakery muffins. If true, this would be a huge development since these massive baked goods are known for being more similar in stature to small cakes than traditional, reasonably-sized muffins. 

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The alleged worker shared a side-by-side photo of the classic large muffin tins next to new, more petite muffin tins. Not only will the muffins purportedly be smaller, but they'll also be sold in eight packs, according to the employee. Currently, Costco requires customers to purchase two six-packs of large muffins at a time. 

"RIP: Giant Costco Muffin!" the Redditor wrote. "Introducing: smaller eight-pack of muffins to replace the giant ones we've loved for so many years."

Some Costco locations recently introduced two new smaller muffin varieties—lemon raspberry and butter pecan—that are sold in eight-packs. The alleged employee's post suggests that all muffin flavors will soon come in the smaller size as well. Blueberry (590 calories) and double chocolate (680 calories) are among the other muffin varieties you can typically score at the retailer.

Costco blueberry muffins pack
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Of course, shoppers should take these claims with a grain of salt since Costco itself has not confirmed the change and did not immediately respond to our queries for comment on the rumors. Still, the potential muffin downsize has already stirred up a wide range of passionate reactions among shoppers. 

Some members were devastated at the prospect of losing the oversized baked goods. 

"The big muffins are iconic. Are they really getting rid of them?" one Redditor commented on the post.

"This is depressing. Is it some kind of poorly timed April Fool's joke? I love these muffins," another wrote

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On the other hand, many shoppers say the current muffins are way too large and they'd much prefer smaller versions of the breakfast treats.

"Those huge muffins are too big for me personally. As long as they taste equally as good I'll happily take some smaller regular size muffins," a shopper commented

"Honestly this will get me to buy them more. Those things were just way too big," another said.

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