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Costco's Bakery Just Launched 2 'Incredible' New Muffins

The already famous muffins will now come in two additional flavors.

Costco's recent release of a new banana cream pie weighing over 3.5 pounds was a huge hit. And the warehouse club keeps adding even more enticing baked goods to shoppers' delight.

According to Costco fan account @costcohotfinds, the retail chain is launching two new flavors of its already popular muffins, and they are simply "incredible." There's a new lemon raspberry muffin, which is topped with a crunchy streusel and is "sweet with a hint of tart." There's also a new butter pecan muffin, which notably "really does taste buttery," according to the post. "They were both so soft and moist."

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The Instagram user spotted both muffin flavors in packages of eight for $6.99.

Many have flocked to the comment section to share their excitement.

"Oh I hope my Costco has them," one commenter wrote.

"Omg, these look so good😩🥰," another one added.

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This isn't the first time a lemon raspberry muffin has hit Costco's bakery. In 2021, the warehouse club released raspberry lemon muffins drizzled in icing.

The Costco bakery is home to multiple muffin flavors, such as blueberry and double chocolate. While these desserts receive their fair share of customer praise, the sweet treats haven't gone without critique. Earlier this month, many shoppers hopped on Reddit to air their grievances about the muffins' texture, flavor, and size.

The lemon raspberry and butter pecan muffins aren't the only recent additions in the bakery department. The warehouse club also just brought back several popular sweet treats, including s'mores cookies, which it introduced last year. Spotted in containers of 24 for $9.99, these cookies feature a graham cracker flour, chocolate chunks, and marshmallows.

Other bakery items that have recently arrived at warehouse clubs include the all-butter pound cake, key lime pie, (370 calories per serving), caramel flan (230 calories per serving), and strawberries and cream bar cake (320 calories per serving).

Nutrition information has been included where available.

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