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A Popular Costco Bakery Item Is Garnering Major Complaints

While some Costco shoppers adore these baked goods, others say they're "disappointing."

Earlier this month, Costco received a barrage of complaints about the new plastic rotisserie chicken bags replacing its traditional clamshell containers. Now, shoppers are sounding off against another iconic Costco item.

A customer took to Reddit this week to complain about Costco's muffins, a longtime staple in the retailer's popular bakery section. While many adore the baked goods, the Redditor described them as dry, dense, and more akin to "bad pound cake" than muffins.

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"My local grocery store kills this place," the Redditor added.

As it turns out, plenty of other Costco shoppers feel the same way about Costco's muffins. The post has racked up more than 400 comments from other Redditors who aired similar grievances against the breakfast treat.

"They definitely lack proper muffin texture and the flavor is very lackluster," one shopper wrote.

"I agree. They are not muffins/quick breads. They are muffin-shaped pound cakes. They look enticing but are always disappointing," another commented.

One of the most common complaints about Costco's muffins, however, has to do with their size. A Kirkland Signature Blueberry Muffins clocks in at 590 calories and weighs 170 grams. For comparison, a blueberry muffin from Walmart weighs 99 grams and contains 350 calories.

Costco blueberry and chocolate muffins

"I think they would be better if they were regular muffin size. As is, it's too much muffin," a shopper lamented on Reddit.

Some Costco shoppers also dislike that they're required to buy two muffin six-packs at a time. This rule means they'll have to eat their way through 12 of the massive baked goods with every purchase.

"Honestly wish we didn't need to buy two packages at a time lol that's the biggest reason why we stopped getting them years ago. Way too much bread," another Redditor wrote.

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To be fair, not all commenters had negative things to say about Costco's muffins. One Redditor said the treats are always "moist and delicious" even after spending time in their freezer. Another praised the taste of the baked goods despite conceding that they don't really seem like muffins.

"They're good, but they are cake and they should be treated as such," the Redditor wrote.

Still, the criticisms are far too plentiful to be ignored. Some shoppers are so put off by the muffins that they've sworn them off altogether.

"Haven't bought them in years," a shopper said.

Costco did not immediately respond to our queries for comment on the muffin complaints.

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