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Costco Is Selling a 'Must-Try' Nutella Treat For a Limited Time

A limited supply of a popular Nutella snack recently landed at the warehouse club.
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Nutella is undoubtedly one of the most iconic sweet spreads on the market, beloved for its smooth, rich texture and "addicting" hazelnut cocoa flavor. In great news for Costco shoppers, a sweet treat featuring the indulgent concoction recently landed at the retailer—and it's already garnering rave reviews.

Laura Lamb, who runs the Costco fan account @costcohotfinds on Instagram, spotted boxes of Nutella Biscuits (140 calories per serving) at her local Costco this week and quickly shared the news with her followers. They consist of golden, crunchy baked biscuits with a dollop of Nutella in the center. And according to Lamb, they're a "must-try."

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"They're light, crunchy, and have creamy Nutella in the middle. They're amazing!" she wrote in a post

Nutella Biscuits aren't a completely brand-new offering given that they first debuted in the United States in early 2023. However, they appear to be new to Costco since shoppers have only started to spot them at the warehouse club within the past few weeks.

Just be warned if you're considering snagging a box of the treats. Those who've gotten the opportunity to sample them say they make it hard to practice self-control. 

"No household in America can keep these for more than a day. We stopped buying [them] because nobody had any self-control in our house and the packet was done within 30 minutes of purchase," a shopper commented on Lamb's post. 

"Went through a pouch in about 20 minutes. I need to stay away!" another wrote.

Nutella Biscuits

Lamb warned that the Nutella Biscuits will only be available in stores while supplies last, so interested customers should make sure to stock up while they can. Members should also check directly with their local Costco warehouse to confirm the price and availability of the item before heading over. Costco was selling 38.8-ounce boxes of the sweet snacks for $12.99 at the location where Lamb spotted them, but as always, costs and supply could vary. 

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The Nutella Biscuits aren't the only Costco sweet treat that has been garnering rave reviews lately. Members have also been buzzing about Island Way Sorbet, a freezer aisle find that consists of fruit sorbet with a touch of cream served in natural fruit shells. In a Reddit post late last month, a shopper suggested that Island Way Sorbet "might be the best dessert item sold at Costco." 

Additionally, Costco members have been fawning over La Boulangerie's "dangerously delicious" Chocolate Honeycomb Ice Cream Sandwiches (300 calories). They feature caramel ice cream with caramelized sugar bits sandwiched between two speculoos biscuits and dipped in chocolate.

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