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Costco Has Amazing Produce Deals Right Now—Here's What Shoppers Are Finding

One customer spotted 10-pound bags of potatoes for just $1.

If you're short on fresh produce after whipping up massive feasts for Thanksgiving last week, you might want to head over to your nearest Costco warehouse ASAP. Shoppers are reporting major deals on fresh fruits and veggies at the warehouse club in the wake of the fall holiday.

A Costco shopper took to Reddit this week to alert fellow shoppers about significant markdowns on fresh produce, spotted at the warehouse in Fremont, Ca. A picture included in the Reddit post showed 10-pound bags of organic gold potatoes marked down to just $1.

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"Never seen $1, $2, $3 prices for fruits & vegetables. Got them today!" the post read.

And it's not just the Fremont Costco that's offering these tantalizing deals right now—others also reported seeing major markdowns at their own local warehouses.

"99 cent bananas and pineapples at my Costco," one Redditor commented.

"We had green beans (bought it) and cranberries for $1," another said.

While good deals on food items are pretty par for the course at the bargain warehouse club, Redditors believe these especially cheap prices on fresh produce have something to do with Thanksgiving and Black Friday. They immediately began speculating that Costco overestimated how much produce shoppers would purchase for the holiday weekend at certain locations. And now that the Thanksgiving and Black Friday rushes are over, Redditors believe that Costco is trying to sell as much of its surplus produce as possible before it spoils and has to be discarded.

"Someone over-ordered for Thanksgiving and is just pushing it out before it rots. Great deals I would have loaded up," one shopper theorized on Reddit.

"This reeks of a Costco warehouse that either had an unsuccessful Black Friday. Or expected far more in sales than they got," another said.

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Of course, it's not guaranteed that these types of deals are currently available at all or even most Costco locations. Several shoppers did mention that the warehouses near them aren't offering any significant discounts on fruits and veggies.

"I wish these were this price where I live. I would buy 40 bags and take them to my local food bank," a Redditor wrote.

Still, if you're in need of a fresh produce restock, or you're just itching to take advantage of some great deals, it's definitely worth checking out the fruits and veggies section at your local warehouse.

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