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Costco's Popular Christmas Cookies Are Back—But They're Smaller Than Last Year

Customers have noticed a change in the size and pricing.

One of Costco's most popular holiday bakery items is finally back for the holiday season—but a major change to the treat is irking fans.

Costco-themed Instagram account @costcobuys just spotted the beloved Holiday Cookies at the warehouse and shared the news with followers in a post this week. Those cookie assortments have been a longtime seasonal staple at Costco, returning year after year for a limited time during the holidays to the delight of shoppers. 

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But this year, @costcobuys pointed out that the retailer had made a notable change to the returning item. This year's assortment only comes with 30 cookies for $9.99, while customers received 44 cookies for $13.99 last year. This means that customers are not only getting fewer cookies this year but also paying slightly more per cookie. The $9.99 price tag on this year's 30-cookie assortment breaks down to about 33 cents per cookie, while the $13.99 price tag on last year's 44-cookie assortment breaks down to about 32 cents per cookie.

The change is even more severe when you compare it to 2021, when Costco was offering 42 cookies for $9.99

"I'm not too happy about that!" @costcobuys said of the changes in the post's caption.

This year's cookie assortment also only comes with three flavors: Powdered Brownie Walnut, Toffee Sandies, and Holiday Candy cookies packed with both chocolate chips and colored candies. During previous holiday seasons, the cookie trays featured five flavors that varied depending on the year. In 2021, for example, they included Lemon Shortbread, Iced Ginger Molasses, Coconut Almond Chocolate, Powdered Brownie Walnut, and Holiday Candy cookies.

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While some Costco shoppers were excited to see cookies back in stores, others couldn't help but be disappointed by the changes.

"So sad they got rid of the two other flavors!" one shopper commented on the @costcobuys post.

"I'm sad about the downsize too!!!" another wrote.

If you are planning to pick up a tray of Holiday Cookies this year despite the complaints, just keep in mind that Costco items tend to arrive at certain locations earlier than others. So make sure to check directly with your local warehouse to confirm that they're in stock before heading over.

The retailer also has plenty of other options available right now for shoppers craving festive baked goods. Over the past few days, Costco shoppers have spotted a brand-new Black Forest Bar Cake and the returning Mini Gingerbread Cakes available for purchase. Costco also brought back its fan-favorite Peppermint Bark last week to the delight of fans.

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